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Friday Fiction – Ted’s Girl

Still laptop-less, but determined not to let it interrupt service too much! Today’s picture comes from Ted Strutz. Last time he submitted a photo, I named a rogue after him – I wonder if he’ll like his latest incarnation more or less?! Thanks as ever to Rochelle for hosting, and Happy Birthday to fellow-fictioneer, Doug! Go check out all of their pages and say hi!


Ted’s Girl

She came every Thursday, stepping onto the shore and walking down the lane towards him. She was constant, like the ferry itself; not like the fickle vacationers who came only in summer, nor the spring and fall birdwatchers.

He paused over a patient’s open mouth when the ferry docked. He tidied his tools, that were already in perfect order, and he waited to see her pretty figure.

She appeared, that day, huddled in her raincoat, hood up to shelter auburn curls from wind and rain. And he longed, as always, for the time, the opportunity, the courage, to introduce himself.


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