Friday Fiction – A New Chapter

When I saw this week’s photograph, my first thoughts turned to suicide notes. Perhaps it is the Robin Williams news that took my mind so readily in that direction; I don’t know.  I resisted it though, partly because I suspect others might have had a similar idea, and partly because an old desk has another meaning for me. The story that follows is almost all fiction, but there’s a grain of truth in it, and if I could find the real note that inspired both the story and the author (tucked away somewhere; I assure you I haven’t lost it) I’d have copied its wording more faithfully.

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting us, and her husband Jan for the photograph. So rich with elements, it could have inspired 100 different stories. Oh, wait, it probably has!


When I opened the desk, it held a note.

Dear Little Friend, I have served faithfully for generations. Now a new chapter begins: we will make great discoveries together, I am sure.

With it was a photograph of Grandpa sitting at the desk, writing. I often looked at him or the note when homework, characters or life had me stumped.

The note and photograph are tucked into a drawer that’s always lacked a handle. The Universal Author calls me to my epilogue now, but my Grandson will find them when he is ready and another chapter will begin with him.




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23 responses to “Friday Fiction – A New Chapter

  1. Dear Jennifer,

    You’ve written an epic in a hundred words and nicely so.



  2. What a lovely note to find. And the beat goes on.

  3. I found the notion of the ‘universal author’ and the ‘epilogue’ quite moving; that took me by surprise. Cleverly constructed, executed well.

  4. Such a note deserves to be treasured and kept..I like the fact that it’s in a drawer without a handle.. impregnating the desk with history…

  5. Jennifer,
    So many notes will be written this week, and I’m glad that many of them are love letters rather than suicide notes. This is a love letter of the grandest kind. I especially like “Universal Author.” It gives a unique ring to your ending. Thanks for this one.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  6. I just love this one, Jen. It’s much sweeter than the letter Walter dictated for Fannie.
    I have four grandchildren. Hopefully, one of them will find such a note like yours from me someday and start that next chapter.

  7. I always click on your link with expectation… and you never fail to deliver a quality story. Loved the “Universal Author” part, too. Good work!

  8. Dear Jennifer,

    I like that this is a true story. Well told.



  9. This is such a lovely idea, the passing on of notes through the generations via the desk, and beautifully written. I know the grandson part is pure fiction (how old is your son and half??), but you should still plan to do it.

    • You’re right about my ‘Grandson’, Claire, and that we should start our own traditions too. I can’t imagine being a grandmother, but perhaps one day that time will come.

  10. Talent skips a generation after all eh? Well done 🙂

  11. The important things stay in the family!

  12. Pat

    Absolutely stunning imagery and so evocative! Just wonderful sentiments and inspirations here 🙂

  13. Greatness! Lots of it, too. Bravisimo, Jen!

  14. Jen, It looks like the tradition is passing on through the generations. Lovely story and well written. 🙂 —Susan

  15. I like the idea of the notes being passed through the generations. Maybe time to write one of my own now.

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