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Friday Fiction – Time Flies

Friday Fiction time, and once again I’m word count tool-less and now short of time. To quote my husband: “You’ve been writing that a long time. It’s only 100 words, I could write that in a couple of minutes.”  Seems like I’d better get back to the family, so I’ll leave this at 98 and let you fill in the final two words yourselves!

More carefully-written stories from this week’s prompt can be found on Rochelle’s host site, the photo is courtesy of Roger Bultot.


Time Flies

When we moved to Brickman’s Worthy, it was a short-term plan. Our family would grow; Steve would get a better job, or I would, and we’d move for that. Then Jo’s baby toys morphed into toddler toys, then into school uniform and a bicycle, and still we turned a blind eye to the bathroom suite, rather than spend money on one we wouldn’t be around to appreciate.

Now I stand before that avocado sink, listening to Jo on the phone to her latest boyfriend and I wonder when we planted so many roots, and how deep they go.


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