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Voice Week All Wrapped Up

Well, last week was a busy one. Life continues at home, and I’m away next week, so I’ve got a lot to get done, and yet last week was also full of Voice Week 2014. I’d written my own stories a little way in advance, but it’s been a popular year over at VW HQ, so I’m still reading through the final voices for everyone’s submissions.

As for mine, well the first four seemed to go down well. #5 hit a bit of a rut in a lack of shared culture Рnot many readers recognised Eric Wimp, the undercover version of Bananaman, who I envisioned grown up and wrestling with the fact that every time he ate a banana, he became a superhero. Still, I think it came off OK, and it was fun to move away from my normal writing style with him.

Other writers took “Voice” in a whole range of different ways and I enjoyed many if not all of their experiments. Like Friday Fiction, it’s the variety that make the group interesting for me … that and all the great comments I receive on¬†my own writing.

Huge thanks to Stephanie of BeKindRewrite for hosting and organising us. Until next year…

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