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Friday Fiction – All Front and Tailgates

Well, how could I miss this week’s FF with a prompt picture like this one from Jean L. Hays? I’ll keep it brief since I should be NaNoWriMoing, but head over to Rochelle’s homepage for her stories and links to many more. I probably won’t have much chance to read this week; if that upsets you, please feel free to stop reading this post.


All front and tailgates

“Some folks are all front and tailgates,” Mike had once told him. “Nothing under the hood, you know what I mean? No need to be scared of them sorta folks.”

Billy looked at the boys in front of him and tried to remember the confidence he’d felt when his brother said that sort of thing. All front and tailgates.

They were bigger than him. Meaner than him. But nothing under the hood.

“You got brains, Billy. You’ll outsmart all of us.”

If he could only persuade them to make this fight a chess match, he’d beat them black and blue.


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