Friday Fiction – Landed Safe

Rochelle plays both hostess and photographer to us this week. Once again, I’m up to my eyes in life, NaNoWriMo and writing, so I probably won’t have much reading opportunity and may take a while to respond to comments. If you prefer fully-interactive Jen, please return in December, when (hopefully) I’ll be back to rights. ish.

In the meantime, here’s our prompt, and my story for the week.


Landed Safe

I’m here! The text message chimed.

I admit I’d been worried. Last-minute flights to who-knows-where weren’t the sort of thing either of us did, but now I knew she was safe.

Where’s here?

Err.. There’s a Starbucks … and a McDonalds … and a souvenir / gift store.

For the first time in years, I felt her smiling, laughing with me. I missed my best friend already, but every mile away from me was a mile away from Jason, and those miles would never be enough.

The hammering on my door started again. This time, I was ready to answer.


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25 responses to “Friday Fiction – Landed Safe

  1. Perhaps it’s just as well she doesn’t know where her friend is.

  2. Very, very good! Love it, Jen!

  3. Sad, but too often true. Good social commentary. 🙂

  4. If that’s Jason at the door, I hope she’ll be safe, too. So subtly done, but spot-on commentary. Good luck with life and NaNoWriMo and we’ll look forward to seeing more of you in December (or whenever.)


  5. I would say once her friend’s safe, maybe it’s best to think about your own safety..

  6. Jason knockiin’ at the door? Maybe it would be a good idea to leave it locked.

  7. You’ve really developed an amazing writer’s voice. I just read over the last 6 or so FFs, and I am delighted by how much expression and thought you are able to put into just a few words. Keep it up. -J

  8. Dear Jennifer,

    A believable and heart wrenching story. The pity is that there are too many Jason’s out there. I hope she doesn’t answer the door and just calls 911. Well written as always.



  9. Jen,
    The twist at the end was almost too unexpected and mysterious. Still, I like the story. I hope the distance between the characters is good for everyone involved.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  10. A wonderful positive spin from the land of broken dreams. Refreshing and triumphant.

  11. Dear Jennifer,

    I love how all of your stories are imbued with a patina of reality not often apparent in other stories by other authors. You accomplish this through dialog, pacing, stage setting, sensory cues…all arranged just so and rather seamlessly…in short, though good writing. It is a pleasure reading your work.



    • Reality definitely comes more easily to me than fantasy or other imaginative genres, Doug. Partly, I’m just not creative enough for those, but also I think there is so much story in ordinary lives.

  12. Very well done story, nice twist. I hope Jason doesn’t have a chainsaw!

  13. Hmmm… I think Jason might just have a surprise … well written story and love how you get the emotion across with just a few lines .. great write! Georgia.

  14. I admire how you’ve told such a complete story without sacrificing clarity in your language. Skilfully done.

  15. Sarah Ann

    So much more there than you show us. A story full of love and friendship – really enjoyed reading.

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