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Friday Fiction – The Smallest Piece of Big News

I decided I wasn’t going to do FF this week; I was going to share a different picture with you instead. And then I saw this week’s prompt and I couldn’t help it. Rochelle hosts, Douglas M MacIlroy provided the prompt photo. The words (and the second photo) are all mine. Apologies if you find the comparison of the two pictures distasteful!


The Smallest Piece of Big News

(Genre: Creative non-fiction)

“What’s dis?” Sebastian turned the print-out over and over in his hands and I hovered protectively, just as I will in 6 months from now when he’s holding its subject for real.

“It’s going to be your little brother or sister.”

He tried the words, “Brudder,” rhymed with udder, “Orsister.”

“It’s a baby,” I said. “You like babies, don’t you?”

“Baby on the bus, wa wa wa.”

“Yes, and this baby probably will go wa wa wa too,” I laughed, wondering how I was going to cope.

“Mummys on the bus, shh shh shh,” he added, answering my silent dilemma.


Author’s Notes:

In case that leaves any room for doubt, here’s a third and final picture, of Sebastian with his tiny piece of big news. And I can finally explain my appalling lack of blogging, reading, energy and involvement over the past few months by admitting that as well as NaNoWriMo, life and Christmas preparations, exhaustion and nausea have played their part in interrupting my ability to write!IMG_6455


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