Friday fiction – Faith

This was posted from afar and in a hurry, taking advantage of the dubious wifi in the lobby of a Mexican beach resort on an evening where my husband put Sebastian to bed. Non-writers will probably wonder why I’d use me-time on the prompt; writers will hopefully understand!  The photo comes from Dawn Q Landau.



Perhaps you think I might just as well follow an invisible God or my morning horoscopes. Rusty’s paths veer between stubbornly predictable and desperately irrational with a flick of his tail or a twitch of his nose; we can be following an abandoned railway one minute, pushing through a hedgerow the next.

But I have followed men, I’ve followed their Gods and their traditions, their mores and their whims, and men have rewarded my trust with lies and fickle hearts. Now, though I sometimes walk in front, I follow a dog and he follows his nose, and our mutual faith is unshakeable.



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39 responses to “Friday fiction – Faith

  1. Dear Jennifer,

    I agree. The dog’s a better companion and much better at unconditional love than men. No expectations other than food, a warm bed and affection. Very well done from afar.



    • Thanks Rochelle. I think we are sometimes inclined to expect too much from those we follow, whether romantically or otherwise. With animals we seem to know both the wonders and the limits much more intuitively.

  2. Dear Jennifer,

    To find the golden thread with which you wove such a fine story takes keen eyes, imagination and a fine focus on details. Beautiful work from wherever you are.



  3. This might just be one of your finest — such a straightforward, clear, and honest observation. I know you push yourself to write only the best, as I do, and sometimes it comes across as such hard work. This felt like effortless beauty. Wonderful.

  4. This is a beautiful ode to the innocent honesty of our pet friends.

  5. A cat is just not the same! Beautiful.

  6. Love of an animal can be so special and you showed that through lovely words, Jen.


  7. As Peter Shelley sang, love me love my dog….
    I’m a cat person myself (dogs have owners, cats have staff) as you can see in my picture, but this brought a tear to my eye.

  8. Lovely story about a human’s best friend, Jen. Glad you were able to write and post even from the road. Godspeed.

    All my best,
    Marie Gail

  9. it looks like they are a team. what a true expression of unconditional love. i enjoyed reading it.

  10. Jennifer,

    Wonderful story of faith!

    Kudos to you,


  11. Loved it – and from the options presented, I’d follow the dog too.

  12. If one’s faith is rewarded by lies and fickle heart…Very well written. Loved it.

  13. I really enjoyed this one. Agree with all said above!

  14. Michael B. Fishman

    A fascinating topic you chose and I would have been happy with a few more 100 words. I hope you’re doing OK?

  15. That voice, so cynical and so faithful! Excellent story, as always, but yeah… that voice.

  16. Beautifully done manifesto out of that prompt. Great voice.

  17. A beautifully written story. She’s definitely made the right choice. 🙂

  18. Jen this is an incredible piece. Very powerful and moving… it reads like an epic tale of heroes and a life lived fully. The voice is so compelling and haunting! Really wonderful.

    Hope your time in Mexico is sunny and fine!

  19. I’m an optimist at heart but I could feel your character’s hopeless outlook clearly. A dog’s life is so simple in comparison.

  20. Her dog won’t let her down. Lovely tone here, and an engaging main character.

  21. What a lovely twist on the prompt. Very thoughtful.

  22. The tone and theme, memoir styled, is wonderful.
    A dog’s intuition can be as good, if not better, than ours or in our faith in a a god’s intuition and leading.

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