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Friday Fiction – A Love Story

Never say Rochelle isn’t a tough task-master! I’m struggling to read and reply to comments at the moment, so this week she’s given us one of my pictures and she knows I love to read all the stories from my own contributions 😉 I’ll do my best, but it may take a while, it may never happen. Either way, I’m grateful for those who choose to read and leave thoughts on mine.

For those who like background – the photograph was taken from a passenger train shortly outside Churchill, Manitoba, just as we were approaching on our ‘polar bear hunting’ holiday last October. A long grain train stood on the opposite tracks and it took a few attempts to catch this framing, but I was pleased with the results. I was eve more pleased with the amazing trip we had both on board the trains and once we arrived in Churchill.

The most special thing about the trip, though, was spending it with my best friend, Joy, and it is to her that the ‘story’ below is dedicated. Not my usual style, but that’s where the picture took me today.


A Love Story

(Genre: Memoir)

You wouldn’t put us together – the professional woman who gave it up to follow her husband half-way across the world and have babies, with the portfolio-career singleton who settled into success and travels the globe for work; the tall, slim blonde and the petite, curvy brunette; politics at different ends of the spectrum…

You’d as likely couple a corn car to a passenger carriage, but fourteen years ago God, or chance, or life, the universe and everything, did. And last October, on our first ever girlie holiday together, someone asked if we were sisters. I thought my heart might burst.


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