Friday Fiction – What’s In A Name?

Another week into my own personal challenge to move away from Illustration and follow more closely Inspiration for my FF stories. Rochelle leads the way; I’ve got a long way to go to catch her. This week’s photo is from Douglas MacIlroy. I recommend both their stories to you without having read either; and many of the others besides. If you read mine, I’d love to receive your comments, thoughts and critique. Thanks!


What’s in a name?

I could hear them playing – Matty’s laughter carried and I was proud of him for finally letting his little brother borrow his new plastic lightsaber.

“Use the force, Luke,” he intoned like a monastic chant. I daydreamed over our naming discussions – the jokes that we should have two more: John and Mark, or have them re-release “When Will I Be Famous?” when they were older.

It wasn’t until I stood up that I saw the young padawan blindfolded and cowering as tennis balls pelted through the air at him from Stuart’s stupid serving machine, the coveted lightsaber prone beside him.


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45 responses to “Friday Fiction – What’s In A Name?

  1. Dale

    Oh boys! I have two of them… it all sounds like fun and games until one ends up crying!

    Love it!

  2. I think this was pushing their names a little bit too far. At least there was no Anakin among the boys.. 🙂

    • Really? I named them Matthew and Luke mostly by accident long ago, but in our experience, choosing names is an involved exercise and all these implications come up in the discussions. I suspect, though, that Matty is mostly excited about testing his brother’s ability to use the force, rather than the coincidence of his name.

  3. Caerlynn Nash

    Boys. Always getting into trouble. Like the way you played this. Nice.

  4. Being the youngest of 4 sisters … Never let them talk you into a blind fold.
    Nice glimpse into a family.

  5. That Matty, he’s always going to be pushing the boundaries! Nice story.

    • He is. I don’t have him down as bad in my head, but he certainly likes to get attention in inventive ways! I hope my son never reads any of this until he’s old enough not to get any ideas.

  6. Dear Jennifer,

    I can see it all unfolding, serving machine and all. And the excuse for the Padwan’s condition over dinner (black eyes and bruises) would have been, “The Force is weak with this one…”

    Wonderful Inspiration.



    • I suspect the husband’s going to get the blame for leaving that stupid machine lying around too. Men!
      The wonderful inspiration in this case was your photo, Doug. I bet you never even realised you work on Tatooine! Perhaps you’re Obi Wan back in disguise…

  7. Oh the torment to which older siblings subject the younger ones. I always wonder, upon reading stories like this, “Was I that mean to my little sister?” Of course, I believe I was beyond tolerant and she was the nuisance. All in perspective, I suppose.

    Good work, Jen. I enjoyed where the photo took you this week.

    All my best,

    • Definitely depends on your point of view, MG. I was the younger and I think my brother and I were actually pretty nice to each other on balance. But maybe he was just nice to me…

  8. Ah brothers. The law of sowing and reaping will mean Luke will probably be six foot five in high school. What goes around…

  9. Dear Jennifer,

    Raising boys can be a challenge. In a memorable squirt gun fight one of the boys filled his with something other than water.

    As always, your story’s well-written and a fun read. I felt for the mother in the story.



    • The mind boggles, Rochelle, but I’ve got all this to look forward to! I’m glad you enjoyed it; I’m always particularly pleased when stories about parenting older kids resonate with those who’ve been through it.

  10. gahlearner

    Oh dear, Matty is a handful. And now I can see Tatooine in th photo, too. Great take on the prompt. I admire the way you challenge yourself away from illustration towards inspiration.

    • Thanks, gah, I’m experimenting with it and seeing if it takes me and my writing to interesting new places. I’ve certainly never been to Tatooine, so I guess that’s a yes…

  11. I know a brother who let his sibling stay in the fridge for a while, Just to experience the cold. Not taking names. The brother was fine after being defrosted.

  12. This is so like little boys. May The Force be with you.

  13. Great story! I can definitely see this happening – boys’ play so often turns rough. 🙂

  14. I had a boy and a girl, another boy later but never boys together. I almost wish I had as I see young families with rambunctious boys and I almost feel cheated.

    • We only get two goes at family – the one we’re born into and the one born to us. Although I suspect most of us can (have) imagine alternative set-ups, all we can really do is enjoy what we have.

  15. Which one climbed on the dog’s back and called it a tauntaun?

  16. Hi, Jen! Story’s looking great! And boys will be boys, too. You captured it well. Had I been that age when Star Wars came out, I probably would have done the very same thing! Five Alderaans. 😀

  17. Your story reminds me of stories my husband tells of childhood with his two brothers. It’s a wonder their mom still has all her hair!

    Fun little piece. 🙂

  18. Francesca Smith

    An amusing story and I like the link you made between the picture and Star Wars. Very clever.

  19. You succeeded in being inspired. I like where you took the prompt, and your portrayal of two adventurous, imaginative brothers rings true. Love the ending. Most enjoyable.

    • Thank you for saying that, Margaret. I’m still at the beginning of the parenting game, but Matty and Luke seem to come easily to me – perhaps it’s a premonition…

  20. Way to win. Brotherly love will overcome.

  21. Lovely story, incorporating some of the boys’ activity, with a Star Wars theme to it.

    (…Don’t exactly want to live on a volcano, but the view is something else.)

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