Daily Archives: June 10, 2015

Friday Fiction – Summer re-run

Rochelle has offered us a break this week – an old picture from FF long ago. I’d be crazy not to take the gift, so here is the link to my old story. Names aside, it could be another chapter in the lives of my fictional boys, Matty and Luke, but I wrote it before they were created. I’m not sure I’d write it quite the same way now; the last line feels a touch forced, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I also have a warning for you. Although I hope to continue writing and posting during this newborn phase for my own sanity, my reading / commenting time is likely to be severely restricted. I believe in the FF principle that we should join in on both sides of the fence, so if it upsets you that I’m not reading many (even any) other stories at the moment, please feel free to skip mine. I totally understand that blogging should be reciprocal and I appreciate your time is precious. I’ll be back properly as soon as I’m able. Thanks!


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