Two Sides (another view)

Many people seemed outraged by the behaviour of Wilf’s grandchildren on Wednesday, but anyone who has considered moving an elderly relative to a home knows that the decision is never straight-forward and rarely motivated by anything other than love and a desire to do what’s best. Pull the camera’s focus out a little, and cast your eye downstairs to the kitchen table conversation Wilf can’t quite overhear. (Also 100 words exactly).

Two Sides

Alice stared at the pirate ship Dad had carved into wall. It’d outlasted him already; would probably outlast them all. Not like her son’s youthful transgressions, long since painted over and forgotten.

“We can’t move him,” she said, thinking of Gramps upstairs: voiceless and toothless but strong. He’d outlast them all too.

“We can’t leave him here,” countered Ronnie. “It’s not safe.”

“He’d rather die here tomorrow than in some faceless home a decade from now,” she said.

“You’ve seen the offer,” her cousin added, “He could spend that decade in the Waldorf’s Penthouse with round-the-clock care and a butler.”



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4 responses to “Two Sides (another view)

  1. Dear Jennifer,

    I like this different perspective. It is a tough decision. Thankfully, I never had to make it with my parents but I’ve watched my husband’s family do it more than once. Well done.



    • Yes, a tough decision indeed. In this case, I think maybe Alice is right, and they might be better to let him go quietly on his island, but it would be very difficult to ever make that call, wouldn’t it?

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  3. Dale

    Having watched my father go (after he decided that day would be the day) I can totally understand his desire to remain at home..

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