Friday Fiction – Bespoke

Today’s prompt comes from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields herself. My story is below it and your feedback is welcomed.



“‘S bespoke,” Lauren’s tiny pride beamed through the word.

Gerry rolled over. “What’s bespoke mean?”

“Err… special, I think,” she replied, not wanting to be caught with education now.

“Sounds like a word that needs more than cardboard over its head.”

Lauren laughed, pointing each syllable of the noise down to avoid sounding like she’d ever had cotton sheets around her where Gerry’s arms and yesterday’s newspapers now huddled.

“I love ya,” Gerry said, “An’ our bespoke home for tonight.”

“Good,” said Lauren, “Because tomorrow I’m gonna raid the art store bin and get us some plastic for a window.”


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42 responses to “Friday Fiction – Bespoke

  1. micklively

    The love beams through the poverty: great piece.

  2. I guess romance and tenderness can be found on the streets. Hope they make good sometime.

  3. Graham Lawrence

    Nice story. Very affectionately written.

  4. Dear Jennifer,

    Sweet and heartrending at the same time. Well done.



  5. All too common situation now, I fear. Touching story Jennifer, nicely done. 🙂

  6. Dale

    Will the love hold out with the lack of necessities? It is sweet now but she once knew better!

    • She’s aiming high, Dale. But it’s funny, I have in my head that she’s trying a bit too hard, but everyone seems to think the love is real, so maybe I’m too much of a cynic!

  7. You captured the tenderness between them. But already she’s trying to move them upmarket. Windows? It’ll be carpets next. I liked the part where she’s trying not to let the difference between them show ‘not wanting to be caught with education now’. Good one.

    • Glad you caught that, Sandra. My feeling is a relationship needs honesty and she’s still trying to be something she’s not, but maybe I’m too traditional. I laughed at the carpets – just as long as she doesn’t try to put a chimney and fireplace on the wall!

  8. You brought out the shining love between them so well. But it looks like it’s going to be a tightrope walk for her.

  9. Clever piece, well written.

  10. gahlearner

    Great story, the love is strong, and maybe they can adjust enough to each other to make a better life together.

  11. Emilio Pasquale

    A love like that…, with humor and charm and wit!

  12. Hope is eternal! Well written and sweet.

  13. She’s hiding who she is so he will love her. That’s sad.

  14. I love the positiveness of the couple. It’s funny: I was just thinking of the word “bespoke” yesterday and wondering where it came from. The first time I’d ever heard it was in the movie Kingsman.

  15. I can’t decide if she’s downplaying the education so that he doesn’t feel bad (although I’d think he’d know she was educated) or it portends a rift in the relationship already. Either way, I like what you did.


  16. Dee

    Their love is plain to see, but perhaps her need to move them upmarket may cause huge problems… be good to revisit once the windows are in!

  17. What a sweet story. Sad but loving.

  18. It never hurts to learn a new word. I liked the line about the education. She’s willing to dumb-down to keep him from feeling inferior. A very real conversation. I could see them huddled together. Great writing.

  19. Lots of layers here. Great characters and engaging dialogue.

  20. A touch of O’Henry in this short and sweet story, nicely done.

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