FF – Preparations

Sorry for my absence last week; I hope not to make a habit of it! This week’s story, inspired by The Reclining Gentleman‘s photo, could almost be a prequel to one I wrote months ago, but hopefully also stands alone. I’d love to read your thoughts.



“You’re doing the right thing,” Irene smiled gently at her friend.

“Am I? Every time I think I’m choosing the tunnel with light at the other end it turns out to be headlights on an oncoming train.” Sandy brushed away the tears. “What if I leave him and it’s just worse?”

Irene didn’t say anything.

“It could be worse though,” Sandy insisted. “He never hurts the kids.”

“Hitler never hit his dog.” Irene picked up the bag and slung it over her shoulder. “Next time, bring me stuff for them and then you’re ready. I’m going to miss you, babe.”


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30 responses to “FF – Preparations

  1. Dear Jennifer,

    “Hitler never hit his dog.” is a brilliant comeback. Irene’s a good friend. And you wrote a good story.



    • I don’t actually know if its true, but I agree with Irene: nobody is all bad, but sometimes someone comes close enough you don’t need to quibble over the details. Thank you as ever.

  2. Dale

    That was brilliant! Loved this! Talk about a true friend.

  3. Every time I think I’m choosing the tunnel with light at the other end it turns out to be headlights on an oncoming train. Good line.

  4. when in doubt, follow your heart.

  5. micklively

    Not a decision to be taken lightly.
    Good piece.

  6. gahlearner

    People often think it could be worse until it’s too late. Good story, stands alone.

  7. You’ve shown her fear and uncertainty really well. And I like the calm, clear voice of the friend, helping her to see reality. A sad story that’s going to have a good ending.

    • Thanks, Margaret. I’m glad the comparison came off. It’s easy to be certain from the outside but I recently read a fascinating article about why women stay with abusers and it really lit up for me how much of a dilemma that obvious decision can be

  8. Good story. For some being alone is worse than the situation they are in. Good come back with hitler’s dog. It really is only a matter of time.

  9. I just wish that there where more Irenes in this world.. they are sorely needed.

  10. Great dialogue and great story. We all need a good friend like that!

  11. Kalpana solsi

    You are doing the right thing…….. what a lovely way to assure a close good friend.

  12. Irene has it here – some good advice. nicely done.

  13. “Hitler never hit his dog.” Great comparison!

  14. iamehsan69

    Amazing! All i see here is a great work of art.The metaphor is just excellent!

  15. Admittedly, I was left a little confused, but the “Hitler never hit his dog” line is delicious! The kind of zinger I hope I remember, and get to use. 😉 So often, people just remain paralyzed until it’s too late.

    Hope you’re still enjoying your gorgeous new boy. Having spent a few weeks with my daughter and 1st grand baby was a reminder of just how hard those early days can be!

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