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FF – Well Qualified

In haste this week, and probably without much time to read either, but I welcome your thoughts if you have time. The photo is from Marie Gail Stratford, whose writings are well-worth a read too.


Well Qualified

“Sit,” he said, “And tell me what you have to offer.”

No preliminaries for the woman, she noticed. “I have a Chemistry PhD and experience with a major pharmaceuticals manufacturer,” she began, just as she and Dad had practised.

“Ah, yes, your father.” The one thing that had no bearing on her ability to do the job.

“Of course, there is one thing I lack.” She felt suddenly confident, flippant even. “But it doesn’t hold me back in much apart from pissing contests”.

After a moment’s incomprehension, he laughed. “We’ll remember not to put you on that team , then.”


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