FF – The Wallflower

Slightly belated, herewith my contribution to this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Our prompt is from The Reclining Gentleman, who appears to have reached spring already. Toronto is finally getting some winter, so I think our daffodils are a while away.

EDIT: Thank you to Danny James for the title.


Ella shuffled in behind her sisters and pretended to check the clock. William was already there, talking to some friends in the opposite corner. Perhaps tonight was the night she would speak to him, introduce herself, and he would fall in love with her.
He looked up and her eyes darted back to the time. But not fast enough to miss what his did. He’d looked over. He’d looked over and he’d fallen in love. But no one falls in love with a crocus when it blooms amongst daffodils.
Her sisters giggled and waved at the boys; Ella turned away.


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28 responses to “FF – The Wallflower

  1. Ah the pain of young love…There will be someone who loves crocuses even if among daffodils. Well done.

  2. Perhaps the good witch will wave a wand, bring a pumpkin coach and a ticket to the bop.

  3. Fabulous title. And oh yes, the pain of being a lowly crocus surrounded by daffodils, I know it well.

  4. I think Ella’s day will come, though she probably won’t believe any who tells her that right now. Well told story with the bitter-sweet of young love

  5. I know that pain. Poor Ella. Still, this story leaves it with the assumption he’s looking at the sisters, but not the certainty, so there’s still hope. 🙂

  6. Dale

    The poor wallflower. I cannot speak from experience, being a loud participant in life… but I do feel for her!

  7. Aw! That brings back so many emotions! A well written story.

  8. Dear Jennifer,

    I know how it feels to be the wallflower. Crocuses are beautiful purple flowers and have their place among the daffodils. Hopefully Ella will find someone who’s smart enough to see that. But oh those painful adolescent years. Do any of us come away from them unscathed? Well done.



    • As I said above, Rochelle – everything seems so definite and important in those years, doesn’t it? I had my own ‘William’ and it took many years to realise he wouldn’t have lived up to the dream.
      And yes, I love crocuses too. They are hardy little pinpricks of brightness that bloom in an unwelcoming and cold world.

  9. When you are young you are easily overlooked… What a perfect title.

  10. You portrayed so believably the pain of being a wallflower.

  11. gahlearner

    I’ve had the Williams talk to crocus me to get close to my daffodil friend. Horrible, but sometimes I miss the intensity of feeling we had back then. Great story.

  12. You’ve captured the pain and uncertainty of young love well here.
    My pic is a from a couple of years ago so spring hasn’t started here yet – but winter has been so mild there are a few daffs here and there. Strange times in our English country gardens!

  13. Oh, poor Ella. You’ve shown her sad dilemma with a few perfectly described details. So sad. I hope she finds someone to appreciate her.

  14. Ah, for just a bit of doubt, a life of love lost.

  15. Beautiful! I was always the wallflower too… but I like the idea of being a crocus… better than just an ordinary wallflower!

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