FF – The Long, Beautiful Winter

Thank you to Sandra Crook for today’s picture prompt. I have so much I could say, so many different observations that could lead to stories, but this is the one the Muse chose this morning. Your comments and critique are very welcome.


A few weeks in, Alice was beginning to feel motherhood was her own personal Groundhog Day. She was Bill Murray, working her way through the same piles of diapers and washing and pain and tears – her own, as well as Aiden’s – over and over again.
Like Bill, she tried something subtly different each time, and although the consequences were considerably less hilarious in real life, love was still the goal. And that first time Aiden smiled, together with every time he waved his tiny fat feet in delight, she knew spring couldn’t be more than a short time away.


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36 responses to “FF – The Long, Beautiful Winter

  1. Ahh, so good. I really like ‘love was still the goal’. It might help that I love that film. (I forgot to put a C by name this week, but it should have been there.)

  2. Dear Jen,

    You couldn’t have painted a lovelier picture of motherhood. Those tiny changes every day and that first smile. I loved the reference to Groundhog Day as it’s a favorite of mine. One of your best.



    • Thank you so much, Rochelle. I am amused, and delighted, that you consider this a ‘lovely’ picture, since the first paragraph in particular is intended to reflect just how hard and relentless it can feel, especially in those first few weeks, and how love can be a goal rather than a given, even between mother and child. I’m glad the hope and the resolution shone through that though. Your last line makes me smile

  3. Aww. I loved the sound of those tiny fat feet. I feel a nibble coming on. Nice one.

  4. That’s lovely and I say this as the father of a new mother. And they do wave their feet when delighted – spot on.

  5. Awww..that was sweet. I remember those days.

  6. This is lovely, Jennifer. Is this, perhaps, partially from personal experience? 🙂 It’s nice to know it ends well and that there is hope in the future.

  7. I can attest to motherhood seeming like Groundhog Day. A great read (with winces of memories)…

  8. gahlearner

    What a lovely story. I think you can take that beyond motherhood. Love and togetherness of every kind needs work, repetitive and tiresome work, but the rewards do come and are so worth it. C: To me the story is well constructed, moves the reader and works. 🙂

  9. Such a sad piece, but hopeful to. I’m mother to a 16-month-old and I can certainly relate ❤

  10. It’s the tiny changes that make the undoubted drudgery worth while, as my daughter has been discovering over the past year.

  11. Dale

    I almost went the Groundhog Day route too… and sorta kinda did…
    Ahhhh… the monotony of those early days of motherhood, sprinkled in with toe munching and coos and all those other wonderful things that we can look fondly back on!

  12. This was so sweet.. I think that love can conquer all the diapers in the world,

  13. You capture the endless days on new motherhood well. Then it’s gone in a
    The blink of an eye and you wonder where the time went.

  14. This is a masterful portrayal of motherhood – the struggle and fatigue, and the love, that sometimes you do have to remind yourself is the ‘goal’. I love the description of the smiles and chubby feet. Wonderful.

  15. Delightful! I love how you weaved the essence of the Groundhog movie into your story. Such a beautiful ending 🙂

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