FF – The Best Soil

Another week, another picture. This time from Ted Strutz. I’m over 200 stories now, that’s more than 20,000 words in 100-word chunks and enough for a novella! Your feedback on this one is welcome. No offense is intended to either of the locales mentioned; everywhere has its good and bad parts, and its good and bad people.


The Best Soil

Her brothers, who’d never been further than Romford, described India as ‘the toilet of the world’, but Stacy liked the idea of endless curry, and helping people who had even less than her. Being thousands of miles outside their shadows wouldn’t hurt either.
The curry was a disappointment, tasting nothing like the real stuff back home, and some areas did smell terrible. But three weeks in, she found herself not minding. The love of the children she taught made it all worthwhile, and Stacy, against all her brothers’ warnings, found India a fertile place to plant some roots and grow.


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17 responses to “FF – The Best Soil

  1. A fine story Jen… and My 200 Stories in 100-word chunks… what a marvelous way to put it. Helping less fortunate is a noble cause, and the curry will start to taste better, how can it not.

    I just got back from Honduras, where we distributed school supplies to rural villages… some of the kids had never seen a book. Now they have plenty that will be rotated from school to school. The looks on the kid’s faces made it so worthwhile… just like Stacy.

    • Well done on your efforts in Honduras; these things we do are small, but we have to believe they make a difference.
      And yes, the curry will be an acquired taste like the “real stuff” 😉

  2. That’s a massive amount of stories – well done.

  3. Dear Jen,

    You’ve packed a lot of story into a hundred words. This is one of my favorites from you. Well done.



  4. “Nothing like the real stuff at home” made me grin. Excellent story, Jen. Keep writing them. 200 more!

  5. Dale

    In India and she misses the “real stuff back home”… love it. Immersing herself in the culture… wonderful

  6. Wonderful! I loved ‘the real stuff back home’, don’t we always miss that?

  7. A creative and inspiring take on the photo prompt. I love how you blended the imagery . Really well done.

  8. A life in 100 words, well done!

  9. Very nice, Jen. I like the “endless curry” anticipation! You made a good story from a metaphor of something I’m sure our “Bad Boys of FF” wouldn’t be able to touch. You’re doing great, keep it going!

  10. Oh this is lovely! Good for her – getting away from her brothers’ pomposity.

  11. Aw, I love this story!
    And congrats on over 200 stories!! That’s great!

  12. Nice story and frankly it wasn’t what I expected. I expected disillusionment, but it was far more hopeful and inspiring. Thanks!

  13. Lovely 100 words to add to your collection.

  14. gahlearner

    Congrats on your 200! I love this too. It shows the “unagressive prejudice” (I don’t know how else to say it) so many people have about places they only know through hearsay. And then Stacy, who has similar prejudices, finds her calling, and puts down roots: wonderful. Eventually she’ll even like the curry. (and it reminds me of more than one blooper I’ve made when I was abroad on my own for the first time).

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