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FF – Waiting

No rerun for me this week; if you went back to Rochelle’s original post, you’ll know why. Five days into motherhood, apparently I didn’t put writing first ;). Three and a half years on, it’s still a challenge to fit in a weekly burst of writing, but sometimes we need to rise to challenges…

Kent Bonham recommended the rerun; the picture is Rochelle‘s own.



Mrs Mwanna says he won’t bring Mummy home in this. She says it loads, like each time she looks out, the sun will be shining, the ice will have gone and the car will have pulled in.

She looks more often than I do, but they don’t come.

It’s too cold to take Mummy outside. She’s too frail to walk and it’s too slippery for the wheelchair. Too far for me to visit. Too early for us to phone.

We hold hands and watch through the frost for the car that won’t come. He won’t bring her home in this.


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FF – Summer Rerun – Sunset in Departures

Another rerun, this time from February 2013. The photo was from Rich Voza; I went soft and posted a love story: here it is.

Or you can skip straight to the latest constellation, celebrating Fathers’ Day, and a quick update on their story.


Sunset in Departures (Genre: Romance)

He warms me like the sun. Until he leaves. And as I watch him go, it sinks out of sight leaving only a reflected glow. The sun will rise again tomorrow. I will be warm and he will return.

But, for now, there is no sun. Only the reflected rays of happiness: a photograph, a card, a bunch of flowers.

So it has been, every time. Except today. Because today he leaves the rest of his constellation. Reflections so strong, they are not moons, but new suns, equally bright.

His sons warm me like the sun. Until their father returns.



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Summer Rerun – Man, What Are You Doin’ Here?

After reading the fascinating thoughts of Neil MacDonald on how many FF stories turn out the same, I am somewhat cautious about posting this particular rerun. It is definitely illustration not just inspiration. But I do believe that when it comes to FF in particular and writing in general, a picture doesn’t always say a thousand words. There are many stories that could be illustrated with a picture of the Eiffel Tower at sunset, for example, but they could still be radically different. So, in my defence, the rerun you are about to read is not a story about a piano, or a man stuck in it, or a statue of a man stuck in a piano. In fact, although John Nixon‘s photo would make an excellent illustration, it is really nothing to do with the story at all.

You can read my story from 3 years ago here.

In other news, I’m so sorry I haven’t replied to many comments from last week (or indeed read many stories). I am sinking over here. I will try to get to them soon, and I really do read and appreciate them all. Looks like there was a similar situation three years ago too.


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Summer Rerun – His World

When Rochelle asked for our favourite stories from back in FF history, I had an enjoyable morning reading back through my old contributions. I found some I remembered being proud of that didn’t chime so well this time around, some I’d forgotten entirely, and a few that I still love. One of the last category was this one – His World. Interestingly, it continues the grandparent theme of recent weeks.

I’m grateful to Rochelle for the opportunity to look through, and to rerun this one.



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FF – Summer rerun

There’s a saying about gift horses and mouths (although if it’s from the Greeks, you might want to check the underside) that applies to Rochelle’s invitation to rerun old stories this summer, so here is the link to my story from September 2012.

Back then I was in the throes of moving house, 7 months pregnant and about to embark on the adventures of both homeownership and motherhood for the first time. How things have changed. Now we are looking at houses for a second move, but with that baby’s Kindergarten registration making school districts a big factor in the choice. Meanwhile, his little brother just turned one yesterday!


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