Summer Rerun – His World

When Rochelle asked for our favourite stories from back in FF history, I had an enjoyable morning reading back through my old contributions. I found some I remembered being proud of that didn’t chime so well this time around, some I’d forgotten entirely, and a few that I still love. One of the last category was this one – His World. Interestingly, it continues the grandparent theme of recent weeks.

I’m grateful to Rochelle for the opportunity to look through, and to rerun this one.



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10 responses to “Summer Rerun – His World

  1. Dear Jen,

    I just read over what I said then. It still goes. Thank you for helping me out with summer reruns. 😉



  2. Same here. It IS interesting to think of how many friends we have that we have never met. Like pen-pals.

    Of course, as writers, Rochelle and I have conversations about people who don’t exist, so … 😀

  3. Cool story.
    But man, the comments were heavy back then!

  4. A lovely story, happy to re-read it.

  5. Touching story. The final twist was powerful – I was trying to sort out the relationships all the way through and the ending untangled it all very effectively.

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