FF – Summer Rerun – Sunset in Departures

Another rerun, this time from February 2013. The photo was from Rich Voza; I went soft and posted a love story: here it is.

Or you can skip straight to the latest constellation, celebrating Fathers’ Day, and a quick update on their story.


Sunset in Departures (Genre: Romance)

He warms me like the sun. Until he leaves. And as I watch him go, it sinks out of sight leaving only a reflected glow. The sun will rise again tomorrow. I will be warm and he will return.

But, for now, there is no sun. Only the reflected rays of happiness: a photograph, a card, a bunch of flowers.

So it has been, every time. Except today. Because today he leaves the rest of his constellation. Reflections so strong, they are not moons, but new suns, equally bright.

His sons warm me like the sun. Until their father returns.



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20 responses to “FF – Summer Rerun – Sunset in Departures

  1. Yeah, you went soft, all right, Jen, but keep continuing to do that! Brilliant!

    Five out of five galactic nebulae.

  2. Liked how you used the sunset in the story rather than the plane. Loved your thinking.

  3. Dear Jen,

    Still a beautiful story. I’m glad the only update is one more son.



  4. mickwynn2013

    Heartwarming story beautifully told

  5. Lovely verse construction. Well done!

  6. Josslyn Rae Turner

    Beautiful story, Jen!

  7. A beautiful portrait of love and family. Well told.

  8. Thom Carswell


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