FF – Alabama Man

All good things must come to an end! Our summer of respite is over, and Rochelle has launched us back into new stories with this picture from Vijaya Sundaram. It took me to an idea you’ll see in my story, but the story itself comes from an article I read recently. I have linked the article at the end.

Meantime, real life is about to take a big change. Sebastian starts school next week, full time into Junior Kindergarten. On a day like today, when Dominic had me up through the night, the cat has thrown up twice and Sebastian decided he needed to make a wading pool on the kitchen floor, I can’t wait! But I’ll miss him too, of course.

A quick reminder, if anyone would like to sponsor us for our walk in aid of the wonderful Sick Kids Hospital, we would be grateful for whatever you can spare.


Alabama Man

You think you know me, doncha?  Small-town Southern upbringing; little league baseball and climbing the water tower with a bottle of hooch on the fourth of July. I’ve seen those movies too. There’s nothing new under the sun.

That there’s no headline either, is it? Alabama man quotes Bible verse.

Here’s what you don’t know. Alabama man didn’t play little league, he was in beauty pageants. Alabama man didn’t climb the water tower, because he knew if he did, he’d jump. If he wasn’t pushed.

Alabama man grew up Alabama girl. But that’s not new either; that predates the Bible.




The link is here.



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19 responses to “FF – Alabama Man

  1. That’s a very atmospheric and thought-rpovokiing piece. I didn’t click the link because I think your words speak for themselves

  2. Moving and thought-provoking indeed. I loved it. Thank you for doing justice to my photograph in your story.

  3. Very powerful. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Well done.

  4. I lived in Alabama for a short time and find this spot on. Very Poignant!

  5. Last night must have been throw-up night, one of our dogs woke me up making this puking noise as well. I enjoyed your introduction as well as your post.

  6. A very powerful piece, Jen. I really liked it.

  7. Well-written, Jen. It’s interesting how world views compare with each other in the quest for Truth.

  8. Didn’t know we were going there. In that environment it must have been particularly tough to be trans. Very well conveyed.

  9. Dear Jen,

    I worked with Alabama man. He was much happier that way. Thought provoking and well written.



  10. gahlearner

    We’ll never learn the whole story when we’re blinded by prejudice. I read the article, that’s how it should be.

  11. I find sometimes gender being more a sliding scale… so they had it right I think

  12. A unique take on the prompt. Thanks for sharing the link, I found it very interesting too.

  13. You cover so many bases in this story – the poor MC. I think you’ve captured all the shades of agony and error such people suffer. So thought provoking and disturbing.

  14. Well told. I love the repetition you use and the way you bring this character across.

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