FF – Cleanliness Above All

Sandra Crook provided this week’s photograph. I’ve wondered some way from it, and not in the direction I originally started, with my story below. Your comments are welcome.


Cleanliness Above All

Initially, Simeon hoped Elenora might be an ally. “I don’t approve of slavery,” she said. “I have an honest, local girl myself.”

But it transpired “local” meant English and as for “honest”, the maid was apt to pilfer coins to buy ribbon, and would be dismissed once a replacement could be imported.

“I like to know her hands are clean.” Elenora flicked a suspicious glance at the pristine plate set before her. “And she speaks the language.”

Later, his wife admired Elenora’s white dress.

“Presumably the cotton was picked by the only English plantation worker on the island,” Simeon thought.


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14 responses to “FF – Cleanliness Above All

  1. Nice take on a terrible period of history.

  2. Nice Spin 😉 (Pun intended) 🙂

  3. Between the image and the reality there are so many elipses. I really enjoyed this

  4. One thing is to believe in something another to really walk the path… a terrible period, and a scar on humanity that still lingers, and I guess we still want our cotton white.

  5. michael1148humphris

    Quite a lot of Irish nationals ended up as slaves on plantations. 🙂

  6. A sardonic perspective.
    Good write!

    • Thank you. I had originally had Simeon down as a white abolitionist and a fellow guest at dinner, but without any changes to the text, I’m now wondering if he’s the one placing that pristine plate before her.

  7. Hmmm. This is news to me. Interesting take on the prompt, Jen.

  8. Nice take on the prompt. I love the duplicity of the language, saying one thing, living another

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