FF -Tidy Mind

Today’s impressive photo from Amy Reese put me in mind of a few things – the line from My Own Private Idaho about “I’ve been tasting roads my whole life…”; that bit in Scandal with Huck; and lastly the massive amount of storage we now use in the West. I’ve read some incredible stats about just how much space and money we dedicate to things we no longer want in our homes but can’t bring ourselves to get rid of. I’m minimalising at home right now, and the purge feels good even though the decisions aren’t always easy.

Ultimately, my story isn’t exactly about any of these things. I hope it makes sense – it was one of those that would have appreciated 200 words, but hopefully still works as it is. Your thoughts are very welcome.


Tidy mind

Alice leaned on the box and taped it closed. Packing was always such a release. Tidy house, tidy mind, as Jack would say.
Steve arrived from Big Yellow and put it in his pick-up. “Alright, Mrs A?”
She smiled and waved. He was a nice boy was Steve; always polite. Make a nice husband for her daughter, she thought, if the girl would just smile.

“Where’s the cutlery gone, Mum?” Sarah asked that evening. “And my plates?”
“I’m decluttering,” said Alice, emerging from Sarah’s bedroom with a heavy bag. “You don’t want all this stuff kicking around when I’m gone.”


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15 responses to “FF -Tidy Mind

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  2. Hmm…I wonder if Alice is too a bit too much tidying up lol one needs cutlery and plates, I think!

  3. Jo

    I agree with the comment above too.

  4. Ha ha, I like tidy, but there are limits!

  5. I think there is a concept of being too tidy… yes..
    If a cluttered home signifies a cluttered mind
    what about an empty home?

  6. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover

    What a conversation stopper – “You don’t want all this stuff kicking around when I’m gone.” That would make my head and heart reel.

  7. Yeah, she seems to have gone a bit overboard on the de-cluttering which after all she seems to be doing on Sarah’s behalf. If she’s going, perhaps she should leave it to Sarah to decide what she wants to keep.

  8. First it will be the cutlery, and after that, what? Great image!

  9. Dear Jen,

    At first I wondered if she wasn’t packing Sarah in the box until she came from the room. Alice most definitely has a ‘tidy’ mind. No wonder Sarah doesn’t smile.



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