FF … or not

Sebastian turns four tomorrow, so I’ve got cakes to bake and gifts to wrap … and slime to mix (Don’t ask!). My Mum’s visiting, which is fantastic, but of course I had an ambitious idea of all the stuff we can do with her help, like making a papier mache cave for one of his presents.

And then it’s the beginning of November, so obviously I’m recovering from a cold, have a chest infection and laryngitis. Everyone’s helping out, but I’m on an enforced rest programme.

So, I’m taking a pause from a few things, including the pleasures of Friday Fiction. See you again soon!



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4 responses to “FF … or not

  1. Stop whining and get busy with that slime! Happy Birthday, Kid! You were one of the first FriFic Babies.

  2. Dale

    A mom’s gotta do, what a mom’s gotta do.. meanwhile that text was about 100 words long… just sayin’ 😀

  3. Dear Jen,

    From one mum to another, Sebastian will only turn four once. Enjoy the day. You’re duly excused from Friday Fictioneers. 😉



  4. I had to take a break too, so much going on. I think it can be good for you though. To go and live and do with the world for a couple of weeks, then come back to writing.

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