FF – Patriots’ Diner

Me? Political commentary disguised as flash fiction? No no, just a harmless story about a girl at work. Your reactions are welcome. And thanks to Roger Bultot for the photo – I hope old Mr Roethorn is still going strong in real life.


Patriots’ Diner

Finessing her English was the easy part. The skates took Chelsea months of practice and numerous spills, but the customers’ laughter was sympathetic, like they wanted her to succeed. They were mostly kids, like her, except white and local – spending instead of earning.

Then Mr Roethorn died and his son gave a speech about how he was going to make the Patriots’ Diner great again: “a diner for patriots”. The next day Chelsea’s name wasn’t on the schedule. When she confronted him, he said “Time to go home, girl,” and he didn’t mean the little apartment on Front Street.


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23 responses to “FF – Patriots’ Diner

  1. Oh this is sounds to real for me… the new trend of making it great with walls… not political at all… ha!!

  2. I didn’t see any politics there.

  3. A nice distillation of the current state of patriotism,and by doing so making the absurdity of it plain to see. Nice.

  4. Dear Jen,

    Politics? What politics?

    Merry Christmas,


  5. It’s too bad he didn’t let her stay until they finished catering the Ku Klux Klan rally. I’m sure they could have used some extra help for that event.

  6. Dale

    I don’t know WHAT you are talking about… don’t see no politics here…

  7. Politics? No.
    Ignorance? Yes.
    Well-written story? DEFINITELY!

    Jen, you and your family have a wonderfully Merry Christmas and Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  8. All politics aside, my story was just about apple pie and cardamom.
    Merry Christmas,

  9. The ar****le is obviously a Trump voter.

  10. Painfully and worryingly topical. Nicely done

  11. Oh, ouch. This may be even more true the further we delve into 2017, Well done.

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