FF – Footprints

My photo this week, but I’m out and about so I’ll have to catch up properly in a couple of weeks. Also means I can’t add the image from here, but you can see it on Rochelle’s ff homepage.



The years ticked past as she sat rocking baby after baby through the cries of hunger, teething and fearful dreams. Each one grew, learned to walk, then talk and then push her gently away.

They returned, when the pain or fear or joys heaped upon them by the world were too great for their broadening shoulders to bear. And she, faithful comforter and trusted confidente, embraced them each time anew.

Then one day her chair rocked empty. Gathered around it, they saw for the first time the grooves her feet had worn into the floor, as she had etched footprints on their hearts.



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33 responses to “FF – Footprints

  1. I loved the chair rocking empty and the groove worn in the floor

  2. The groove worn in the floor was a nice touch. Touching memorial to those people who give and give, who we assume (hope) will always be there.

  3. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover

    This is simply beautiful.

  4. Amazing. I love this. You’re a great writer, and because of that you’ll want to correct “wlk” in your lead paragraph. I almost didn’t catch it because you grabbed me into the story so fast.

  5. Very touching. Brought back memories of my own mother, and my grandmother. Both dear, sweet loving souls.

  6. She will forever more be there for them. Delightful

    Click to read my 100 words!

  7. Dear Jen,

    We tend to take our mothers for granted until they’re gone, don’t we? Very sweet, poignant and altogether touching.



    PS Thank you for the photo.

    • Having my own kids has certainly improved my appreciation of my own Mum. I wasn’t trying to portray the children as ungrateful in life; I hope they didn’t come across that way.

  8. Wonderful picture of a Mom and her place in their life.
    Its so sad that too often we take for granted those who mean the most to us.
    Oh btw, that’s my story too but my children are still growing and so do reciprocate!
    Your whole piece is so achingly beautiful!

    • Thank you, Mulling. Mine are still little, so at the moment it’s me who struggles to always appreciate what we share!

      • I am halfway there and it doesn’t get easy with timeand age, theirs and yours!
        I have, however, learned a few things:
        Have an attitude of service.
        Have less expectations.
        Maintain an open heart & mind.
        Love unconditionally.
        Gently teach duty.
        Espouse response to love.
        Pray more!
        Don’t worry. We all have made the same mistakes. You are not alone!💐💐💐

  9. Sarah Ann

    Absolutely beautiful. I get the sense from the last paragraph that they hadn’t realised how much she meant to them until it was too late to say so.

  10. michael1148humphris

    It is strange but I saw Mother Earth, nurturing generation after generation,

  11. Its a shame that it took her loss for them to realize what she had meant to them.

    • Everyone is reading it that way. I hadn’t necessarily meant for them to be ungrateful,, but I think to some extent it’s inevitable

      • I agree. Children are too self-centred and limited in understanding to come across with appreciation for intangible things. You never really get a feeling of true gratitude towards your parents for what they all put up with until your own hit their teen years. 🙂

  12. Wonderful way to end. Nicely done and thanks for the photo.

  13. Beautiful, I also liked the groove in the floor, it says everything, so much of what has gone on through the years.

  14. That was quite beautiful Jen. Thanks for the prompt this week.

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