FF – Choice

Another quick Friday Fiction to celebrate being home alone today. Thank you to Rochelle, who has sustained the group for so long and so wisely, and to J Hardy Carroll for this intriguing photograph. The link to my story is something of a rabbit warren of tangents, but here it is. Your comments and critique are welcome.


Josie passed another brown-bagged sandwich into outstretched hands.

“Thank you,” said the woman, tucking it into a worn-out backpack hidden in the bushes behind her. “I’ll have it when I’m done.” She waved Josie away and struck a pose, aimed at a black car approaching slowly.


Dad turned the phone towards her and she caught a glimpse of a torn backpack underneath a chilling headline: The Kingston Ripper Strikes Again.

“Why do they do it? They must know the risks, especially now.”

Josie took a deep breath. “If you were starving, wouldn’t you sell the only thing you had left?”




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9 responses to “FF – Choice

  1. Harsh necessity and its consequences well-captured

  2. Dear Jen,

    A sordid story subtly told. Always happy to see you here. 😀



  3. So disturbing. And only too true in our world. I hope this Ripper gets caught though. Nicely done.

  4. Funny, I was just thinking about you the other day and how long it’s been since I’ve seen a FF story from you. Welcome back. So many of us seem to be flitting in and out these days. This is a wonderful take on the prompt. So sad that throughout time, women have had to resort to selling themselves just to survive. Kudos.

  5. A very grim tale. When desperation strikes…

  6. ooh, that was a good one. Josie’s role in all this seems rather ominous!

  7. That’s a good question, there at the end. The story is tragic, just as life on the streets can be tragic. Well-told.

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