FF – Vacation 2020

Thank you to Sandra Crook for this week’s photo. Maybe it’s the mood I’m in, but it struck me this way, so here’s a fairly say-what-you-see response from me for Friday Fiction. Critique away!


Vacation 2020

Sandy was so excited to be going on holiday, she even joined in the bus transfer sing-a-long. She needed this break, after all the drama with Jackson: to lie on the beach and swim in the pool, to read, flirt and sip cocktails alone in the sun.

The hotel was smaller and shabbier than she’d expected, but it didn’t dent her excitement. The water was calling to her. After checking in, Sandy stepped out onto the pool deck. Stinky black seaweed covered the ground and clung to her sandals. Then she saw the sign: “Desole – la piscine est ferme”.


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23 responses to “FF – Vacation 2020

  1. Hopefully the wine is good

  2. That’s a holiday that sums up 2020 for sure.

  3. bearmkwa

    2020 to a ‘t’.

  4. Oh dear, what a disappointment for her. Nice take on the photo prompt.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  5. Dear Jen,

    Since the pool is my happy place I’d be devastated. Poor Sandy. Yep. Vacation 2020 for sure.



  6. Zut alors! Let us hope the wine and food make up for the closed pool.

  7. That will give her more time for flirting and maybe some ooh la la!

  8. The bar and the restaurant beckon, I think.

  9. Hopefully, there’s a sandy beach nearby!

    Here’s mine!

  10. robprice59

    I’ve had holidays like that! Good piece.

  11. Rotten luck when the holiday is ruined. Like, on your only day off that month with a trip to the seaside and suddenly it downpours. Lovely sitting under a makeshift shelter watching the rain bounce off the sea.

  12. Too bad about the pool. Maybe she can still read and sip on cocktails?

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