FF – Scissors

 Happy New Year! As I approach a ‘big’ birthday at the end of the year, I have decided to try to develop 40 healthy habits which fit into my life and improve my health, mentally or physically, my relationships or my impact on the world. I hope more frequent Friday Fiction contributions can be one of them.

The photographer this week is Jan Wayne Fields, and other FF stories can be found at https://rochellewisoff.com/

“The ball just won’t go in for me,” Melanie whined.

Mrs Mwanna stopped tidying her desk to look at the four-foot-nothing bundle of potential and frustration on her couch. “Maybe netball’s not the right fit for you,” she said, gently. “You’ll find your groove.”

“I don’t fit anywhere!”

Mrs Mwanna straightened the pens in a pot. Lined up neatly; soldiers on parade. Too many, really, she mused. I should probably get rid of a few.

A grunt of despair brought her attention back to her young friend.

“You are too special,” she said, “Too important. There’s nothing tidy about scissors.”


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36 responses to “FF – Scissors

  1. I just had my big birthday at the end of last year, right in the middle of a lockdown! Hopefully you will be able to celebrate more. I liked the analogy of your story 🙂

  2. I felt a sense of menace here, but I’m sure that’s me rather than your intention

  3. Congratulations on your “big” birthday, but I hate to tell you you’re just a whippersnapper yet. I’ve passed the big birthday that allowed me to start getting my Social Security, so I’m chuckling at yours. Glad to know you’re healthy and doing well. Happy 2021.


    • Thank you! Still a year away, but I’m not someone who gets worried about birthdays, big or otherwise. I just thought it would be a nice motivator to improve a few things. Happy 2021 to you too – I hope it’s a good one, one way or the other.

  4. I love ‘bundle of potential and frustration’.
    And, dear Elmo, when you’ve had as many ‘big’ birthdays as I’ve had, you stop caring.
    Stay young, it’s more fun!

  5. Everyone has a groove, it’s just a matter of finding it and fitting in.
    My big birthdays used to be every ten years, then five, now every one’s a big’un!

    My story!

  6. bearmkwa

    Happy Early birthday! Finding your groove is just simply HARD! After my accident, when I was rebuilding and relearning life someone said something to me that stuck…forget who. “Find something you enjoy…then, find a way to get paid for it.” Well, I’ve found what I enjoy…sometimes, I actually get paid for it, sometimes not. Still, I enjoy it. Well, several things actually. hehe! Love your plans for the year. A new year always seems to beg us to do something new, eh!

  7. Lovely to see you on here again, Jen. And to hear that you’ll try to make it more often. Loved your story.

  8. Dear Jenn,

    As the old saying goes, ‘every pot finds its own lid.’ Melanie will find here. How nice she has someone like Mrs Mwanna to encourage her.
    I’m so pleased to see you hear and glad that it could be more often. Good story.

    Shalom and Happy New Year,


  9. I guess I’m sort of with Neil; I didn’t feel menace, but I did wonder why she was thinking about scissors! 😀 Good luck with your plans — that’s an awful lot of habits to develop.

    • In my head the scissors are sticking out above the regimented pens. Something don’t fit, but it doesn’t make them less valuable.

      I think you and Neil have been mingling with tannelle’s blood-thirsty muse!

  10. I’m sure Melanie will find her niche 🙂

  11. Something tells me that Mrs Mwanna is getting tired of Melanie.

  12. We all have a niche, or two. Encouraging story. My big birthday was during lockdown (add 20 years to yours) and I’ve decided to ignore it until I can celebrate properly with loved ones! It’s a good idea to come up with goals for a more healthy and happy lifestyle though. Happy birthday!

  13. as long as she doesn’t stop looking, she’ll evantually find her own groove. 🙂

  14. Yes everything has its place, including misfit toys. Your story made me think a little bit well done.

  15. I’m trying not to think about the “big” birthday. Where has the time gone? Remember you’re as old as you feel!

  16. Happy birthday! Seems her young friend may be a fish out of water.

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