FF – Solidarity

Photo credit: Trish Nankivell https://trishsplaces.com/


Louise remembered all too well that telltale red stain on Ayah’s white pants last week… the looks, the comments. She felt bad now, for laughing along. She stumbled into the washroom, and crashed onto the seat. It didn’t numb the pain, but it still brought relief. The sanitary pad her Mom gave her this morning had worked; there was no blood on her pants or underwear. Safe.

She reached for toilet paper and her hand hit metal. An empty roll. Louise began to cry.

She heard her name from outside the stall. “You OK?” Ayah whispered, “Do you need anything?”

NOTE: As ever, I’d love to hear your feedback – this week, if you have any ideas about the title in particular. I’m not thrilled with it, but couldn’t settle on anything better.


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31 responses to “FF – Solidarity

  1. A poignant story. The only alternative titles that came to me were to cliche to bear! Nice job.

  2. Nothing like shared pain to build solidarity. I liked the title

  3. While I can’t share the experience, I am proud to live in the first country to end period poverty by making sanitary products free to all women.

  4. I remember the shame of a stain on my clothes – those pads sometimes weren’t enough!

  5. There is solidarity in sisterhood. Good title and a good story.

  6. Dear Jen,

    Love this little story. I remember those days as a young girl all too well. It’s sweet that Ayah helped Louise out. Something tells me it’s the beginning of a friendship. Solidarity works. 😉



  7. A subject I’m not over-familiar with despite my story this week, but well done – and I think the title’s bang on!

  8. Solidarity indeed. Loved this story of forgiveness and understanding.

  9. Interesting use of the prompt. When I use a public (or work) bathroom I always check to make sure there’s adequate paper first.

  10. Very touching. I’ve been in Ayah’s place. It’s not funny.

  11. Yes, awful when you are caught unawares. I always carry some with me, since once I had to knock on the wall and ask a stranger to pass some paper under the door. Never again I vowed.

  12. A tricky topic handled with great delicacy.
    Bravo, Jen

  13. I remember days like Ayah and Louise’s both. I love the sentiment of your story, the last line when it’s Ayah who offers help. Very well done!

  14. I believe most woman can relate to this happening.
    Interesting take on this weeks challenge.
    Be Safe 😷 … Isadora 😎

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