FF – Dreams of a Princess

Thanks to Dale for the photo!

Dreams of a Princess

“Every girl should get a rose on her sixteenth birthday.” That red rose from Granny had felt more like a judgement than a gift. The first falling petal reminded Viola of Belle, and Granny had been there to mourn her lack of Prince, handsome or otherwise.

Five years later, Granny would have been impressed. Yamin held a rose outstretched, a diamond ring balanced on top and Viola could almost feel a little nudge from behind.

But Viola had been raised on Mulan and Moana, not Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella: marriage would clip her wings, and today, she needed to fly.


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37 responses to “FF – Dreams of a Princess

  1. I liked the rose more as a judgement than a gift

  2. I liked the comment on the changing Disney Princesses, with a daughter at that impressionable myself. The reality of course is that they should be allowed to choose which sort of Princess they would like to be!

  3. I agree with Iain about the changing Disney Princesses. Good storytelling.

  4. The noise for the 16th seems like a tradition from way back, and a nudge from Grandma into what she thinks iOS the right direction. Good stuff.

  5. Ah … and roses under glass aren’t for everyone … 😉

  6. Love this story so much! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Dear Jen,

    I love it that her dream isn’t of marrying Prince Charming and living “happily ever after.” As if. Nicely done.



    • I think we all need to expand our dreams a little. I’m glad Disney is working through some alternatives for its Princesses now, because I love watching the movies but I don’t love having to turn every one into a teachable moment.

  8. I feel that Viola is not quite ready for what Yamin is offering. (I hope I read that right, I Googled “Yamin” and the consensus is it’s a boy’s name.)

    • Yes, I had Yamin as a boy (it’s the name of a male friend of a friend); but you’re not the first person to check this. I am trying to diversify my character names, but maybe this one is a bit too unusual…

  9. “Felt more like a judgment than a gift” — says it all. The burden of expectations is awful, especially as Viola felt imprisoned by them. Glad she was able to shake them off.

  10. So many of my friends (much younger than I am) have little girls that love to dress in princess outfits and shoes. I know said friends are forward-looking but still, I cringe. Nicely told

  11. Thought-provoking. I wonder if she’ll ever have any regrets.

  12. I love that she is more Moana and Mulan inclined over the other… it should always be a choice! I really enjoyed this. My grandmother was before her time because she would have given the rose stating this is for you to decide how to live your life 🙂

  13. Being an individual and breaking from tradition through choice is the real meaning of freedom.

  14. There is so much more to your writing than just the story.
    Terrific piece, Jen

  15. jenne49

    I love the ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’ ending. A fairy tale for modern girls. Granny’s time is gone. It’s a beautiful piece.

  16. Yes, the times they are a changing. We have more choice, in most places at least. Twenty-one is way to young and she needs to fly because she wants to! Well done. I really liked this one and your use of the Disney princesses.

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