FF – Not Listening

Picture courtesy of CE Ayr (https://ceayr.com/). Can’t you just feel that sand beneath your feet?

Not Listening

“Miss Rudy says I should audition. She says I might enjoy it. She says being in a play is like becoming somebody else. But I don’t know. What if I forget all my lines? Or fall over? And one of the girls you have to kiss a boy at the end.”

Mrs Mwanna is doing that thing where she wanders around muttering and you don’t know if she’s listening or not. Sometimes she is, but this time I know she wasn’t because she looks right at me and says “You’ll never enjoy swimming if you’re busy looking out for jellyfish.”


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35 responses to “FF – Not Listening

  1. Now that is the type of teacher one does NOT want to have…

  2. Wise teacher! Even if she is listening in! Great snapshot of a child’s mind.

  3. Wonderful, Jen.
    Self-doubt is a crippling emotion, and you show perfectly that life is for living.

  4. Wise words, I hope they get through! 🙂

  5. Dear Jen,

    Hm. I’d say Ms. Mwanna is listening better than she thinks. Fun story.



  6. Good advice, actually.

  7. We all need a Mrs. Mwanna in our lives. Love this character.😀

  8. Michael Humphris

    Strange how one rarely forgets teachers, good and bad, but I only remember the names of the good ones.

  9. I think Ms Mwanna’s advice was spot on, but maybe not for a child. A nice slice of life.

  10. I love this ending. Wonderful writing.

  11. She’s blessed she has someone encouraging her. I hope she decides to try out for the play. Good story!

  12. Cryptic people always seem like the most wise. Fun character!

  13. GHLearner

    But she still may have to kiss a boy…
    I love this and it reminds me of my own childhood where I just hopped into ‘fun things’ and then I realized all the cringy things (for a child) that went with it.

  14. I’m guessing Mrs Mwanna is one of those people who randomly spout words of wisdom which nobody understands (until years later, possibly) 🙂

  15. You finished with an excellent thought for the day! Nice one.

    My story!

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