FF – The Course Of True Love

Copyright Liz Young – This image brings back so many memories, but the story is pure fiction.

The Course Of True Love

They met each night beneath the banyan tree under his hotel balcony; their young bodies entwined like its endless roots. He quoted Romeo and Juliet and she wondered if there could be anything more romantic than forbidden love.
But a week later, only his initials remained, carved beside hers on the thickest of the spindly stems. She borrowed the book and read to the end. The fate of her Verona self shocked her. Was love just a death sentence? She swore off boys and returned to her studies. Junior High was too important to miss.


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38 responses to “FF – The Course Of True Love

  1. Ah, the heartache of teen loves. Great story.

  2. Ah young love… There will be another… high school boys are so much more mature. 😀

  3. Dear Jem.

    Early adolescence is such a tumultuous time of life. Hopefully she’ll have other loves worthy of her attention. Nicely done.



  4. I still remember my shock when I realized that Romeo and Juliet were just a couple of kids, not adults. Turned me off completely. I still don’t like the story very much.

  5. Swore off boys?
    Yeah, I’ll bet!
    Sweet sorrow, Jen

  6. She learned quickly. I hope she remembers the lesson!

  7. First love is always painful when it ends.

  8. What a lovely, sensitive first love story. The trying to understand as only a teenager can. I’m sure she won’t swear off love for ever though!

  9. I could see it coming. He was the ROOT of all evil. 🙂

  10. Now there’s a practical young lady! For the moment at least – I’m sure she’ll be persuaded to give it another try.

  11. If only Juliet and Romeo could be so sensible. Love this down to earth story!

  12. I’m sure she’ll have others along the way. But, hopefully she’ll take time to focus on what’s important. That age can be wonderful and confusing.

  13. Ah, young love. Luckily her priorities are sensible.

  14. Michael Humphris

    That was life in the raw.

  15. GHLearner

    The all-consuming drama of first love can never be repeated. Good for her to learn the lesson from that story. Let’s hope the next balcony won’t be that out of Cyrano de Bergerac.

  16. A hard lesson to learn at such a young age. Well done.

  17. First love is mystical. Lovely tale!

  18. Good for her. She took control of her wayward emotions and learned a very valuable lesson. I enjoyed the thoughts behind your story.

  19. Smart girl… boys can wait!

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