FF – What Lucy Found There

Thank you, Dale at https://adelectablelife.com/, for this week’s photo inspiration.

What Lucy Found There

Lucy shivered. The afternoon had brought snow, but it was the darkness that chilled her. Streetlamp shadows crept through the trees around her, occasionally rustling.

On the path ahead, she noticed a figure clutching an umbrella and an armful of parcels. Lucy’s mind began to calculate. Company could be reassuring, but how many girls had been trapped by an apparent saviour? Better, perhaps, to remain in his wake.

She hadn’t decided, when he happened to glance over his shoulder and saw her. The surprise made him drop his parcels, and Lucy had no choice but to rush over and help.

With a nod to my other inspiration, and one of my favourite books ever.


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29 responses to “FF – What Lucy Found There

  1. How mean not to tell us if her action was a mistake!

  2. The odds are in her favour – it’s a very small minority that commit murder or assault!

    • Very true, but while it’s not many men, but it is every woman. That fear of walking at night, alone, is pretty much universal. Lucy might be OK this time, even every time, but she will never be truly free of those men.

  3. The eerie setting didn’t help I suppose. We can only hope her fears were unfounded and it was a happy outcome.

    My story!

  4. Loved the allusion to the Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe which, for me, changed the whole atmosphere of this piece. Well done.

  5. Now there’s a slick tactic.

  6. Lovely write and leaving us hanging, to boot!
    However, I shall choose to believe that all’s well that ends well!

  7. Oh oh … I feel this might be his ‘hook’ ….
    Well done, you!

  8. Dear Jen,

    As Frued said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” I’m hoping that it’s the setting that makes us think he might be something other than an innocent man who dropped his packages. Nicely written in any event. 😀



  9. He’s either very likeable, or extremely cunning. And these days, who can ever know? Good one, and I like that you left it open at the end.

  10. I like to be left with the idea that Lucy did a kind thing and was rewarded with a smile.

  11. Good that she was cautious. I hope her last instincts aren’t really her last.

  12. So, you’re just going to let us assume there are body parts in the parcels? All right. Done!

  13. I liked how you turned this from worry about a stranger to helping the stranger. Perhaps she really needed the comfort of a stranger more than anything else.

  14. My mind immediately went to Narnia! And I was hoping it might be Mr Tumnus! But it’s such a clear telling of the fear and doubt that, I imagine, most women feel when out alone at night. The impulse to kindness versus the need for self-protection. And you don’t solve the dilemma for . I really like this story.

  15. Michael Humphris

    Dropping parcels, that’s a good one. Next time I want attention I will try it. However with my present luck the parcels will probably get nicked.

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