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FF – Great and Clod-hopping

Photo copyright belongs to long-time Fictioneer Ted Strutz. (https://tedstrutz.com/)

Great and Clod-Hopping

I’d noticed him months before. His friend put me in charge of staging a show in the toilet, a project he thought was stupid. But he was a scary 3rd year and I was new and shy, and had a boyfriend anyway.

Then we had to make Romeo and Juliet portable – a small crew, lots to do, not much time. I told him to get his “great-clod-hopping boots” off my freshly swept backdrop. He said why should he, when I was sitting on it with my “great-clod-hopping-arse”.

20 years on, he takes his boots off when I sweep our floors.


A rare true story from me, a memoir I suppose, of one of the pivotal moments of my life. 2001 was an important year for me, relationship-wise. Not only did I fall in love with Jon over boots and backdrops, I also met my best friend, Joy, at a First Aid workshop. It’s her birthday today, and our 20 year anniversary of best-friend-ness in a couple of weeks. Two of my favourite people in all the world, and I met them half a lifetime ago.


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