FF – Maggie and Bill

Thoughts are with fellow Fictioneer, Ted, this week, as he recovers from a recent stroke. I know loving family are with you, Ted, and you can be sure your fans are cheering you on from near and far.

Photo copyright Na’ama Yehuda

Maggie and Bill

Maggie’s your typical glass half-empty sorta girl. She looks at a cloud and sees rain. Bill’s the opposite. He’s always busy admiring the silver linings. You might not think them well-suited that way, but it works. She packs the umbrella for them to shelter under when it rains; he brings a picnic they can share on the beach… or in the car, if it turns out she’s right.

She’s often right, of course, but he finds the silver lining in that too, because she enjoys being right more than he minds being wrong, and isn’t that a recipe for love?


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27 responses to “FF – Maggie and Bill

  1. What a fun recipe for love. I can see a whole algorithm built around it. And an industry around that

  2. hey they may be different but at least they’re compatible

  3. If they are both content with the arrangement more power to them.

  4. A lovely look at opposites attracting. Well done.

  5. Dear Jen,

    Sounds like a good match. 😉 My husband’s the one who always packs the umbrella. Nicely written story.



  6. That sounds ideal to me. There’s nothing worse than a glass overflowing!

    My contribution!

  7. Well, now, they do say that opposites attract. Great Story this week. Have a safe one!

  8. That’s such a positive story. Love it.

  9. michael1148humphris

    Lovely story, if only more people would follow this pattern in life

  10. I love this piece! Very sweet yet packed with truth. You nailed it!

  11. I love your concluding paragraph; a truth beautifully presented!

  12. Oh how lovely. Well suited to each other. A nice little story.

  13. It seems they’ll have a bright future, even on those cloudy days.

  14. Sweet story, they seem to be made for each other.

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