FF – Special Relativity

Photo credit J Hardy Carroll

Special Relativity

Time moves slower on a train. It’s the perfect chance to read or to write, even to sleep. If you don’t mind occasionally waking up in Wales. But the world moves faster around it, changes at a glance. Bleak warehouses become sheep, huddling from the rain that minutes ago was sun.

You can age a year just waiting for leaves to be cleared, but the world won’t hold on. The wedding can’t be delayed for a single guest, even one who might have put a stop to it and told her she was making a mistake. Especially not for him.


Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is a great example of why I didn’t study physics beyond 16. I just… no, it’s ridiculous. I mean, I’m not saying I know better than our great scientists, I’m just saying this is theoretical too far for me. If you are interested though, here’s the video Sebastian and I watched this morning to try to understand it for this story. Start about 3 minutes in for the portion this narrator is referring to.

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – YouTube


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20 responses to “FF – Special Relativity

  1. Great thought-provoking imagery in this one. Well done.

  2. Absolutely wonderful! I’m always fascinated by the way our sense of time changes. And, as you allude to, what the consequences might be

  3. Dear Jen,

    Definitely over my head. But I love your story. Well done.



  4. forestbather

    So powerful, how you lead the reader to the final comupance…

  5. I’ve always been so obsessively interested in things like this. Imagination plays with reality

  6. I couldn’t wait to drop Physics when we had to choose our options at 14. But time is something I could pontificate on for hours. To myself, of course. The ending of this was particularly effective.

  7. My practical mind has no connection whatsoever to Mr. Einstein and his amazing theories. You’ve done an amazing job with this prompt.

  8. Stellar line:
    “Bleak warehouses become sheep, huddling from the rain that minutes ago was sun.”

  9. Great details about our perception of time, especially when travelling. The last line is perfect.

  10. I cannot imagine waking up in Wales. Nice one.

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