FF – A Single Candle

Photo credit to Na’ama Yehuda

A Single Candle

Father Michael was glaring, hellfire shooting at me out of his eyes. I stopped dancing and bowed my head, but it still felt like he was watching.

“We’re supposed to listen to the music. It makes us feel closer to God,” he said after. I knew he meant me.

I asked Ms Mwanna later. “How can God make Father Michael angry when He’s the one who made me dance?”

“Your God makes a lot of people angry,” she said. “Keep dancing, my girl. I reckon you’re closer to Him than they are anyway. One day, you’ll light up their darkness.”


Melanie is a recurring character in my blog, and one of my favourite characters to write. You can find more of her stories using the Melanie tag.

As for this story and photograph, snow in July throws me for a loop. A friend recently posted a skiing photo on Facebook. It took too many seconds for me to realise she hadn’t shared a memory… she lives in New Zealand!!


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21 responses to “FF – A Single Candle

  1. I think Father Michael’s theological response might be, God gave you free will. And her next question might be, Then what’s he complaining about?

  2. Dear Jen,

    See? it’s winter on the other side of the world. 😉 I get the glancing reference with single. (Yes?) At any rate, I’m with Melanie. God gives us talents to be used…including dance. Lovely story.



  3. This is wonderful, Jen. I think more priests should ligthten up. Music is felt as well as heard. Go Melanie!

  4. Oh, Melanie, keep dancing! Dance for the joy of redemption! Dance because God loves you!
    Lovely story, Elmo xx

  5. Loving the positivity in this one, well done.

  6. I like Mrs. Mwanna’s encouragement here. Children need angels like her.

  7. Everyone should have a Mrs Mwanna in their life. In fact she should be standard issue for all kids. Lovely, Jen.

  8. methinks, father has to lighten up a bit. he must be open to seeing other points of view. 🙂

  9. This idea that the priest is always right is still far too prevalent. Melanie is a great character.

  10. Lovely story, reminds me of David dancing before the tabernacle that one time. I’m with her, but I’ve seen far too many Father Michael’s in the world!

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