FF – Explaining

Thanks to the wonderful Ted Strutz for the photo this week. I was tempted with futuristic roadkill, but this bit of fun came instead.


“Pixies,” I said.

“Pixies?!” My nephew spun towards me. He’s used to my scientific answers: refraction makes the sky blue, bites itch because of histamines, etc. When he asked how the dispenser gives him soap, he was probably expecting light beams or heat sensors.

“Pixies,” I said. “They sit in the machine and whenever they see a hand coming towards them, they panic! The Watching Pixie calls up to the Defensive Pixies and they fire soap!”

His eyes lit up. “But soap isn’t a weapon!”

“Makes the hand go away, doesn’t it?”

A full minute later: “Is soap pixie poop?!”

If you enjoyed the science in this week’s Friday Fiction, check out this old Inspiration Mondays story about how fridge lights work.


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36 responses to “FF – Explaining

  1. This is a fun take, Well done, Elmo.

  2. I was waiting for the poop. I love your concept of subverting your nephew’s preconceptions with a story about pixies!

  3. If soap is pixie poop, then Blu tac is smurf poop! Goos take on the prompt

  4. Dear Jen,

    What a delightful story. I’ll never look at my hand soap dispenser the same way. Pixie poop. Gotta love it. 😉



    • Thanks Rochelle! I love pixie explanations – so much more fun than science. Although science is also cool.

      Wash your hands with water and pixie poop for at least 20 seconds!

  5. That last question takes all the glamor and excitement unfortunately out of both soap and pixies.

  6. Loved this one. Such a “little boy” question at the end. They seem fascinated with all bodily functions, the more gross the better. I had three. Boys, that is. Not bodily functions 🙂

  7. Love the conclusion! Pixie poop indeed!

  8. Lyn

    Oh I did enjoy that!! Love the way your imagination shoots out ideas 😁

  9. Made me smile.
    I make vials of “pixie dust”, so I too am a pixie fan!

  10. Bahahaha! Love it. You gave me a great laugh!

  11. We all do it, leading along our little darlings with fanciful tall tales. Of course the danger is the turnaround when they replace the soap with something nasty, just for fun you know.

  12. No doubt I’ll remember this every time I use a soap dispenser! Delightfully different!

    Here’s mine!

  13. Perfect fun and the ending is too funny. The squirting sound of course are…

  14. I love this! It’s utterly delightful and full of mischief. The final question just had to be asked!

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