The Wisdom of Lady Margaret

Photo courtesy of and copyright to Penny Gadd

The Wisdom of Lady Margaret

Being married to a Rear Admiral, it’s no surprise that Lady Margaret favours the nautical metaphor. Moving to a bigger house, she gathered us together to announce that “a rising tide lifts all boats,” without giving a moment’s thought to the boats who’d be getting up 30 minutes earlier to light five extra fires and shine twice as many brass knockers.

Recently, she’s been heard to say that “we’re all in the same boat”. I suppose, in a sense, we are. Same boat, same storm. But only some of us are in steerage, avoiding rats and bailing out the bilge.


Not my favourite phrase of the era, as you can probably tell. I do enjoy a bit of Zac Brown Band though:


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30 responses to “The Wisdom of Lady Margaret

  1. We all know a Lady Margaret. Still, it takes all sorts to make a world.

  2. I like the direction you go with this. People like Lady Margaret are clueless.

  3. Ain Starlingsson

    A grear first line to launch the story there.

  4. Lady Margarets can be found everywhere, and each of us has been one every once in a while

  5. I liked that. Well done, Elmo.

  6. Your story reminded me of how they loaded the passengers onto the insufficient number of lifeboats as the Titanic was sinking. Fun story with a biting message.

  7. Dear Jen,

    Stinging message between the lines. And the last line is a sucker punch. Well done.



    • As Larry pointed out, I’m sure we’ve all been Lady Margaret at times, but this particular phrase has been thrown around too much the last year, IMO. I appreciate the response: “We’re all in the same storm; the differences between our boats have never been more pronounced.”

  8. Bless Lady Margaret, she probably thinks she’s paddling as hard as anyone, because she’s never actually glanced outside her boat.

  9. Elegantly executed, with a real wry bitterness in the narrative. Lovely, Jen.

  10. Bear

    Like the metaphor. This piece speaks deeply to our current situation, does it not? Those of us in steerage would like to throw a few overboard. Maybe we ought to say something to the Captain about that.

  11. A tale of them and us. Nice one.

  12. Not the same boat but definitely in the same storm! Some have luxury yachts while others are stuck in dingies dotted with holes… Excellent write, Jen.

  13. Lovely, Downton Abbey sentiment or upstairs downstairs and we are all servants to earn our keep.

  14. She is right though I don’t think she will every realize just how right she is. Great take.

  15. You take a cliche and turn it into a biting metaphor about privilege. Nice work!

  16. I particularly enjoyed the last line. Sums it up.

  17. Nicely written story, I like the way you ended it.
    Stay Safe 😷 Isadora 😎

  18. Ooopppsss … forgot to mention, I enjoyed the video : )

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