FF – Lights

Busy day today, so no chance to write a story for FF. Hopefully I’ll manage later in the week but as a placeholder, I’m sharing an old FF story which I was reminded of recently, and which Liz Young’s picture fits so well with today.

Here’s my story from a few years ago:


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6 responses to “FF – Lights

  1. Perfect reboot for this photo, Jen.

  2. Dear Jen,

    There’s nothing wrong with a retread when writing isn’t possible. I’ve done it many times. Thank you for sharing you exceptionally beautiful story. (They do grow out of that toddler stage before we know it, don’t they?)



    • Thanks for the compliment (and the hall pass!). This is one of my favourites of mine, so it’s nice to have the excuse for a rerun.
      They do grow out of the toddler stage, thank goodness; now they are stealing my sleep with daredevil stunts and trips to the ER instead! ❤

  3. Beautiful and full of sadness. The intro is great, too.

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