FF – Merry Go Round #2

This week’s photo could have been taken for my story a couple of weeks ago. So much so, that I decided to add a part 2 from a different perspective. If you know Melanie’s story at all, you might wonder who this is. I had Mrs Mwanna in mind to begin with, but now I’m wondering if it could be her Dad. Up to you.

Feel free to read its precursor here first, afterwards, or not at all.

Thank you to Brenda Cox for this week’s photo. Not sure why WordPress isn’t letting me caption it direct.

Merry Go Round #2

The merry go round’s gone to rack and ruin.

That’s what I think when Melanie tells me her theory about God. The man in the middle is too busy spoiling everyone’s fun to notice the paint is faded and the horses have lost their smiles.

I know the emperor’s naked, but pointing it out would be counterproductive. For me, the beauty could never be the horses anyway. For me, it’s the little girl in the bright flowery dress who still sees gleaming gold and prancing ponies. The girl clutching my hand, squealing her delight and enjoying everything about the ride.


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43 responses to “FF – Merry Go Round #2

  1. I agree with you about where the real magic is. Nicely said

  2. Magic, I sometimes think, is limited to childhood, before cynicism creeps in.

  3. Very nicely crafted. Loved it.

  4. Dear Jen,

    A sweet story. Nice that it’s a part 2 but it does stand alone in my humble opinion. It feels like a father seeing the world through his little girl’s eyes. 😉



    • Thank you! Yes, it was intended to stand alone for those who don’t know the largely story or the first part. I think you’re right about the Dad (plus Mrs M has her our vernacular / accent which I didn’t use here)

  5. Yes, magic is in the mind of the beholder.

  6. You captured the true magic of the carousel. Well done, Elmo.

  7. I liked this story, Jen. Well done. Memories only need to be remembered.

  8. Lovely reflections. Melanie keeps everyone around her on their toes, but their love for her transcends and enfolds her. This gives a peek into that, I think. And Melanie’s growing awareness of that will be her strength and her inspiration.

  9. WildChild47

    I read this one first – it stands alone – completely. It also works perfectly with the follow up, the previous. So cheers for being able to carry the thread, the images, the characters, as they’re fleshing themselves out.

    Great story here – it’s pretty much word-perfect 🙂 Love the beginning, it’s so powerful, so evocative, for a notion, a philosophical idea, and it’s the details within, that bring this so … true to life, alive and reinforce the narrator’s perspective. Really well done. I can even see the two stories linked, words by words, in my mind.

    Cheers! 😀

  10. The world always looks bright when we are with our young children and grandchildren. I like the way you described that touch of magic in their perception of the world.

  11. It is what we see & enjoy that makes life worthwhile.
    Story with a moral.
    Let’s all be like the little girl & live in the moment.

  12. Again, that elusive brass ring of whimsy and magical remembories. You grasp these with both hands!

  13. michael1148humphris

    A thought provoking story, indeed what one see’s changes with every individual.

  14. As others said, a perfect sequel but also great as standalone. I think part of the magic can remain or be found again when it has a chance to develop in the first place.

  15. To a child, it’s magical! Oh, to have the mind of a child. =). Nicely done!

  16. I think this is lovely, Jen. Nothing wrong with seeing magic and still living in reality 🙂

  17. Sweet, that is indeed the real magic 🙂

  18. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to revert to childhood, even if only for a moment or two?

  19. The inner child can tap into the magic. I think adults forget.

  20. So true. Thank you for this follow-up and happier ending.

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