FF – A Distant Friend

This week’s picture is from a long-time former Fictioneer. The story wrote itself and when it came out at 99 words, there could only be one word needed to complete it. Miss you, Doug.

Image copyright, Douglas M. MacIlroy

I was new. He’d been there forever, or so it seemed. The man in the distance: always there with a friendly wave and a shout across the abyss. The word itself was foreign, alien to me, but the tone and the wave were welcoming. He made me feel at home, like someone had saved a space for me in this strange new world.

After a while, his appearances became less reliable, and then one day, he was gone. I was settled by then: comfortable and safe. I no longer needed his waves, but I missed them all the same.



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38 responses to “FF – A Distant Friend

  1. Bear

    What a beautiful tribute. Doug was one of those type of people, wasn’t he. A good encourager. He is DEEPLY missed. Great write!

  2. I hope he reads this. It’s lovely

  3. So moving and sad, well done, Elmo.

  4. I hardly knew him, I feel like I’m FFing forever but he was already about to leave back then. This is a lovely memory, let’s hope he reads it.

  5. Makes me wish I had known Doug. Lovely tribute.

  6. Dear Jen,

    This story touched me. Although I am still in touch with Doug, it’s not the same as it once was with every day chats. He spoke into my writing and encouraged me at time I didn’t think I could go on. I miss him, too.



  7. I have a sad feeling that she was his replacement, although she didn’t know it. What a poignant story. I hope he’s content and doing what he loves best somewhere.

  8. P.S. I didn’t realize this story was about Doug and Rochelle until after making my comment. I still think it fits ❀

  9. Dear Jen,

    Mahalo plenty, as I used to say when I called Hawaii home. Your story evoked the memories of long and wonderful conversations we had, especially one about comma usage. (I’m forever tip-toeing through the commas now, careful not to let an extra one stick to the page).

    I’m glad you’re well and happy and am overjoyed to see you here and read your lovely words.

    Nowadays I use a New Zealand sign off, still foreign sounding (to me) but fitting for my new life, which is and has been, wonderful.



    • I am so glad I clicked on this story. This is definitely a case where reading the comments was a GOOD thing!

    • Dear Doug,
      I’m smiling ear to ear to see your comment. Thanks for dropping by for this one! I hope the comma tip-toeing is happy; I’d hate to leave the wrong kind of memory over something so insignificant.
      Glad to hear New Zealand is treating you well; it certainly sounds like an adventure. Cheers is one of my favourite British sign offs too, but rightly or wrongly I will always associate you with Aloha. πŸ˜‰


  10. Some people become a part of our life.
    And we don’t even realize. But, missing them when they are gone is real.
    This is life.
    Well expressed.

  11. Having read both your and Rochelle’s accounts then the comments, I’m sure he’s a man I love to know. The Comma King!

  12. That’s a lovely story, and you’ve picked your vocabulary with great care – especially “abyss” which has so many overtones.

  13. What a great story! I liked how you made it about Doug. And the last word – perfect!

  14. You show the most endearing of human traits in your story.

  15. Doug sounds like a top bloke, nice take

  16. Wonderful story, but the comments add much. Well done.

  17. it’s amazing what a simple gesture like a friendly wave can do. great story.

  18. Aww. Sweet tribute! Well done! ❀

  19. michael1148humphris

    Good memories are so important,

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