FF – Lighthouses

Two weeks ago, Rochelle shared a picture from long-lost Fictioneer Doug, this week she doubles down and shares not only a photo but news of another member of the FF old guard, Ted. I don’t normally read past the picture, but today I scrolled on to look for the news. So glad to hear Ted’s nailing the stroke rehab – sending him all the best for ongoing progress. The news came with a request for Rochelle that no doubt inspired my story too. I hope you don’t mind me hopping on that bandwagon, Ted.

Photo copyright, Ted Strutz


Joey seemed nice, thoughtful. Becca wanted to believe she’d chosen well this time. When the clocks changed, she started getting home in the dark. “I’ll leave the porch light on,” he said. “Like a lighthouse steering you into safe harbour.”

But Becca had a history with porch lights – Mom used to turn it on when Pop opened his second bottle. Not all lighthouses stand at the entrance to ports, some warn of dangers lurking just beneath the surface.

Outside, Becca swayed on a stormy sea of doubt, before heading for Joey’s lighthouse and praying it was the good kind.


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35 responses to “FF – Lighthouses

  1. Lovely atmospheric story. Becca’s Mom must have been signalling for help I reckon. Well done, Elmo.

  2. Loved “Not all lighthouses stand at the entrance to ports, some warn of dangers lurking just beneath the surface”

    • Believe it or not, that actually a paraphrase of a Microsoft screensaver that popped up a few days ago, but I thought it was a strong image and worthy of adding to the story!

  3. Who knew porch lights could hold such significance. Great story.

  4. michael1148humphris

    House lights shining at night, telling so many stories. Well told

  5. The undercurrents in your story add a certain tension and worry, but I do expect the best. Nicely done.

  6. A story rich with innuendo and undercurrents. I can’t say I blame her for hesitating but I applaud her for taking the chance. Nicely done, Jen.

  7. I think she may have found a safe harbour. What a great way to tell this story with the porch light/lighthouse comparison.

  8. Great story! You never know what a light may mean…

  9. Oh wow, good one. Is there a known safety thing about turning on a porchlight to ask for help re domestic abuse?

  10. Good story.. hope it turns out well for Becca

  11. Dear Jen,

    One can understand her apprehension. I’m pulling for Joey. My sense is that he’s the read deal. Well-layered story. I’ll pass on your good wishes to Ted.



  12. This was a really beautiful story. I hope it was the good kind at Joey’s.

  13. Ah, well done! Indeed, what is home for one is warning to another. And I hope, for her, that this meant new memories and new associations …

  14. Great metaphor to represent Becca’s apprehension after her sad childhood. I hope Joey is a good guy.

  15. A wonderful hopeful story. Well done. I enjoyed the FF backstory, too.

  16. Hope is high that Joey is a good guy. Sounds like she deserves a happy ending.

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