FF – Innocence

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Trigger Warning: I haven’t written much misery recently. Maybe having kids makes it harder to write sad stories. But this one came to me and it needed to be shared. If I’ve done my job well, and especially if you’ve just been watching the UK’s Christmas adverts (McDonald’s in my case), it might bring tears to your eyes.


Little kids just take things for granted, don’t they? When I was in Kindergarten, I didn’t know it was weird to go to school nextdoor to a graveyard. Or to watch your teacher sneak out and eat her lunch every day beside a small grey angel statue, come rain or shine.

We collected leaves between the headstones and took rubbings of their intricate carvings, but we never went near the angel. It was Ms Connor’s special place.

Going back now, I can read the inscription:

Jeffrey Connor


Beloved husband and father to

Mildred Connor


Fly, my angel, fly.


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34 responses to “FF – Innocence

  1. I like it the kids respected her special place

  2. So sad ,and realistic enough to make it really believable

  3. Okay, yes, that’s sad. So very sad. You were successful.

  4. what a sad and yet honourable story, well done.

  5. That was beautifully done, Jen. I love that the kids instinctively knew not to go there.

  6. Dear Jen,

    Heartbreaking and touching story.



  7. Oh, that’s lovely. Not miserable at all.

  8. Realistically sad. But an enjoyable read.

  9. Oh, wow. That’s an immaculate piece of flash fiction, with a powerful conclusion. Making the deceased both the father and the daughter opens up so many thoughts as to what happened to cause the deaths. And the mood is sad but tranquil at the same time. Lovely writing.

    • Thank you for this lovely comment, Penny. I realised as I wrote the gravestone that I wanted it to be the father as well as the child. My theory is a car crash, but there could be other explanations that fit as well.

  10. The dates reveal the true extent of the tragedy, Jen. Well done. Telling a story without telling a story, love it.

  11. A touching tale beautifully told.

  12. Mission accomplished, eyes are misting over. The dates did it. So well done.

  13. sometimes it is just enough to sit by their gravestone and think of the good times.

  14. Bear

    All too real, especially in these times. I just ordered a little angel for our little angel Sarah Elizabeth that we just lost. It was so very hard to do, hard to accept she’s never coming home.

  15. I enjoyed the way you gently told this very sad story from the voice of a grown up child putting the pieces together. So well done!

  16. I drove by a cemetery one cold afternoon and saw a woman standing by a fresh grave. I came home a wrote a poem about it, When Sorrow Comes to Call.
    This also reminded me of my mother. After Dad died, she kept his photo on the kitchen table so she could have dinner with him.

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