FF – Reflections

Photo copyright: Roger Bultot


Ever since a cruel boy had weaponised the concept to break her heart, Jodi had desperately tried not to turn into her mother. She’d discovered over the years that it was far from the worst thing that could happen – her mother had been kind, thoughtful and forgiving – and the heartbreak of losing her had been many magnitudes worse than being dumped by Andy Whitman.

Nevertheless, Jodi winced when she saw her mother in the mirror or caught herself using her voice. Which made it all the more confusing today, when the reflection before her wasn’t Mum. It was Grandma.


Not a true story. 😉

There’s a song on the radio these days in which the James Barker Band claims “They ain’t making new old trucks”. It’s a fun song and an understandable sentiment, but of course it’s nonsense. New old trucks are being created in unprecedented numbers. And so are new old ladies, which was the point of this story.


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29 responses to “FF – Reflections

  1. Dear Jen,

    Oh this one hits close to home. 😉 I do see hints of my mother and my grandmother in my mirror. I don’t really think I’ve become my mother though. My grandmother was a poet, though. Love the story.



    • I’m glad it struck a chord, Rochelle. I think we all have moments of being all sorts of people who’ve influenced us over the years – not so much physically as in a tone or voice or turn of phrase. None of us really turn into our parents, but I’m sure there are parts of their personalities we wish we could be more, and less, like.
      Thank you for feeling this story along with me!


  2. A nice twist at the end. I can see my father in me, but not his father

  3. michael1148humphris

    I loved reading this, some might say that I am rather like my great great grandad🙂

  4. I laughed about the *not as true story* addon. Eventually we all see old people in the mirror. At least she still recognizes them.

  5. So true.
    We all have a part of our mom & grandma in us. Miss them terribly…

  6. A great take and good show of the passage of time and dna. Well done.

  7. Some days I see my mother and/or my aunt, other days heritage, history, lineage of women.

  8. Oh, I loved the concept here, Jen. The PS helped clarify. Nicely done.

  9. Unfortunately I know how she feels – I resemble my mother more as the years pass, and she’s 97!

  10. Our bodies tell the truth and we wonder why, but let us be graceful as we age.

  11. I hope I never see my gran in the mirror, especially as I’m a bloke!

  12. Wonderful story. I can so identify with this, albeit in a rather less positive manner. The fight goes on. You really captured the sentiment.

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