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FF – Empty Chairs #2

This week’s photo reminded me of an old post you can find here. This story is the same story, from a different point of view.

Image copyright Rochelle Wisoff Fields

Empty Chairs #2

The ladies at table 8 are just excited to be out. They smiled showing their passports, willing to pay the price; unlike the man at 3, who feels his freedoms would be eroded by a piece of cloth.

Maggie walks in and sits at 1. No sign of Pete. She used to order him a burger while he himself rolled in, but there’s no burger today. She orders with her mask on, slips it off for each mouthful. She watches his chair, but he never comes. When Mr 3 gets aggressive, she stands up. Meek Maggie has something to say.


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FF – The Trouble With Fiction

Photo copyright belongs to Ted Strutz

The Trouble With Fiction

Jojo had read every single book in the Library and she had not fallen into a single one of them. She’d spent hours in her Grandpa’s closet and never once stumbled on a fawn, or a talking beaver or even a witch trying to corrupt her with Turkish delight. On her eleventh birthday, neither an owl nor the mail had brought an invitation to wizarding school.

Life, she decided, was rubbish. And books, well, they were the worst rubbish of all.

Pens, though, pens could take her anywhere. She need only pick one up and she could change the world.


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FF – Horizons

Photo credit: Bradley Harris



Daddy’s driving, so I’m on “Are we nearly there yet?” duty. It’s exhausting.

“Mama, mamamamama?”

Deep breath. “Yes, honey?”

“How far away is the horizon?”

“As far as you can see.” I think about expanding but it would be nice to just be able to stare into the silence for a bit.

“Mr Jenkins said people’s horizons are closing in on them. He says soon we won’t be able to see over our own garden fences and we’ll be at war with our neighbours.”

Mental note for Monday: check the teacher’s mental health. For now…

“Let’s play I Spy.”


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FF – Growth Mindset

Thanks to Brenda Cox for this week’s photo

Growth Mindset

“I can’t draw!” said Alice. “I can’t draw like Liam can’t run.”

Liam doesn’t seem bothered, but I don’t feel like I can let this one go.

“Try not to say can’t, Alice. You can draw a circle, put eyes on it and a stripe at the bottom. Hey presto – you’ve drawn a face.”

“Liam really can’t run though.”

“I bet I can still beat you in a race,” Liam crows.

“Of course you can. You have wheels.”

“But one day, I’m going to run.”

Alice smiled. “I want to be a drawer when I grow up.”


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