FF – The Trouble With Fiction

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The Trouble With Fiction

Jojo had read every single book in the Library and she had not fallen into a single one of them. She’d spent hours in her Grandpa’s closet and never once stumbled on a fawn, or a talking beaver or even a witch trying to corrupt her with Turkish delight. On her eleventh birthday, neither an owl nor the mail had brought an invitation to wizarding school.

Life, she decided, was rubbish. And books, well, they were the worst rubbish of all.

Pens, though, pens could take her anywhere. She need only pick one up and she could change the world.


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37 responses to “FF – The Trouble With Fiction

  1. What an interesting take on reading and writing. I’m sure that voracious reading stood her in good stead as a writer

  2. I hope she can enjoy reading .It is so unavoidably mandatory for good writers

  3. Good story, Elmo. Her pen will take her and many others places.

  4. If she hadn’t been so swept away by all the books she read, her pen would lay dormant, I suspect! Lovely take!

  5. By writing she may come to appreciate the effort that went into thise books. Sadly, real life never lives up to the world of books!

  6. Bear

    Good one. Wonder if she realizes that all those stories she escaped with were written with a pen?? Loved this story… now, she can write one of her own… and maybe then, she can “fall” into another reality,

  7. One must have the correct wardrobe at the proper time. And not just any pen will do. One must have a magical pen.
    Well contrived and told.

  8. CGraith

    The best! I see this child’s face and hear her voice. Well done!

  9. Sometimes one’s own imagination is of more value than that of other’s.

  10. I really like this story, Elmo. I bet JoJo has a great time writing. Perhaps she’ll come back to reading as a teenager, and find some of the wonderful literary fiction that explores the truth of the real world.

  11. That’s a clever and convincing twist. She’ll make a great writer.

  12. Ah, so there is magic in the words after all. I am sure Jojo’s determined character will create change in the world.

  13. Dear Jen,

    Perhaps Jojo expected too much from books. At any rate I enjoyed this story. It sounds like she’s write her own journey. 😉



    • Thank you, Rochelle. Yes, I think she wanted to have them all come true – I don’t know if the world would be better if those fantasies could come true, but it would be interesting to find out!

  14. Well, okay. If you don’t like ’em, write ’em yourself 🙂

  15. I love her enthusiasm to write and change her world. I’m sure all the reading she did gave her the passion. Lovely story!

  16. We need introspective writers who create new worlds and extrovert writers too, who take on the world as it is and change it. Good luck to her!

    • Your comment really makes me think, MJ. I have never easily fallen into one side of the introvert / extrovert divide, so now I’m wondering what kid of writer I am. Thank you!

  17. Just delightful. I loved this – I can feel her disappointment that she can’t truly enter her fictional worlds. So glad she discovered the way in at the end. This made me recall my Jasper Fforde craze from a few years ago – I might have to go back and re-read some of those.

  18. Very thought-provoking. I never thought of writing in quite that way.

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