FF – Empty Chairs #2

This week’s photo reminded me of an old post you can find here. This story is the same story, from a different point of view.

Image copyright Rochelle Wisoff Fields

Empty Chairs #2

The ladies at table 8 are just excited to be out. They smiled showing their passports, willing to pay the price; unlike the man at 3, who feels his freedoms would be eroded by a piece of cloth.

Maggie walks in and sits at 1. No sign of Pete. She used to order him a burger while he himself rolled in, but there’s no burger today. She orders with her mask on, slips it off for each mouthful. She watches his chair, but he never comes. When Mr 3 gets aggressive, she stands up. Meek Maggie has something to say.


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23 responses to “FF – Empty Chairs #2

  1. A nicely observed slice of modern day life.

  2. Maggie has “learned to live with covid”. And she’s learned something more. Nicely done

  3. It’s amazing isn’t it, what we’ve evolved into as a society. And few things are more likely to provoke conflict than this. My own family has been permanently affected by differing views. Nicely done.

    • Covid, like Trump and Brexit and so many other things, seems to be driving us further and further to our extreme and to intolerance of different views. I’d like to think there is more value in discourse, but so often it turns into disgust these days.

  4. Dear Jen,

    I shake my head at those who feel their freedoms are threatened. Ah well. Good story nonetheless.



  5. A sign of the current times. Sad how it affects us all. Sometimes afraid to start a conversation even between friends (or former friends).

  6. Definitely a divisive subject. Well told!

  7. I could feel my brain filling in events even before I had read half of this. Well done, Jen.

  8. She’s clearly passionate about mask-wearing. It certainly seems to have divided opinions.

  9. I think the. masks are overrated, but it’s not the hill I’m willing to die on. I use when when I have to just so others won’t have elevated blood pressure 🙂

    All that being said, this was adeptly written. Good job.

  10. A picture of our times, sadly. I hope we can pick up the pieces of broken relationships when this is all over. I like Maggie – I’m glad she found her voice.

  11. It’s difficult to curb the impulse to speak out when all around are the death-risking non-masking, non-vaxing who are arrogant in their idiocy.

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